Is Obama Gay???

Who is this young man that has Obama grinning ear to ear?  Note how Obama  is hugging the young stud.

To be frank I don’t know if Obama is a homosexual, straight or bi-sexual.  The information in this blog has been verified on Google.   There are some gays guys from Chicago who say they have the goods to prove the president is a homosexual. Their blog is

I need to add a disclaimer. I have never met the president, I have never talked to any who said they had a homosexual affair with the man. I’m just asking questions. You will have to judge for yourself. I’m just a broken down country cowboy with questions that need to be addressed.

HillBuzz says the Vera Baker “affair” was a cover to prove Obama was straight and a stud with an unquenchable sexual appetite for women. Vera Baker was a looker and if they were looking for a plant to distract she was perfect.  For those of you not familiar with Vera, she was brought to work in the White House and then the rumor started she was there for Obama.  Michelle sent her away. Vera moved to the Caribbean. But was the story planted to prove he loved women?  I have more questions that answers.

To prove a point a story surfaced, no doubt by David Axelrod, that the Obamas were late meeting with the French President, because they were having hot sex.  This may have been to reinforce what a heterosexual stud Obama is.  After all he plays basketball and golf, two manly things. He also smokes cigarettes like the Marlboro man.

I have no way of knowing for sure.  The gay boys running the HillBuzz blog said Kal Penn was brought into the White House so he could be close to the president. They flat-out say Obama was sexually involved with Kal Penn.

Photo of Kal Penn

Penn has made several movies and been on three or four successful television shows. Is he gay?  Rumors say he is.  I don’t know. I’ve never met the man or anyone personally that has.  My question is why did he move into the White House?  What skills did he bring?  HillBuzz flat-out says he was Obama’s lover. They also say Penn suddenly left the White House without any fanfare. Was the affair about to come out in the open?  Where are the hard nose reporters in all of this?  You can’t depend on a country blogger like me for the answers. I, like you, am asking questions.

I wonder how the liberal press would have treated stories like this if Bush had brought an effeminate actor into the White House.  How would they have dealt with the Larry Sinclair story?  Larry took a lie detector test proving he was telling the truth when he said he and Obama had sex two times and also did cocaine on both occasions.

What about the three homosexual men who went to church with Obama at the Rev. J. Wright’s temple?  They were all murdered in a span of 40 days right after Obama announced he was running for president. All shot in the back of the head.  Coincidence??? Or did they have stories to tell?  One thing about the National Inquirer they will pay well for a good story.  Did these three have a story worth big bucks?

I honestly don’t know the answers. I don’t even know enough to speculate. These things are rumors. Do some digging on your own and see what you can come up with. I have my on thoughts, but I’m not at liberty to share them with you. I can’t till I’m 100% sure.  I can share this. Obama is the most radical lefty president we have ever had. I’m 100% confident of that. We have to reelect fiscal conservatives to take back the USA.


Ps…thanks to the wild man from the north for telling me about


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