Leadership, Where Has IT Gone?

This is a photo of the work area of typical left winger who challenges my blogs.

This is a somber moment as I contemplate the loss of a friend and faithful reader of my blog.  A lady who stood tall for America, even though she was tiny in physical size. God took her home.  Her name is Shay.  I know of no one who fought harder for our freedom and the effort to elect fiscal conservatives. She and Pam marched on Washington during the Health Care mess.  I know God felt He needed her at his side, we earth-bound folks will miss her tireless effort to save America.  Sitting here I realize I don’t even know her last name, but He does and that’s what matters. We miss you Shay.

Not even the most liberal reading this blog can defend Obama’s Leadership. The man has never led any group in his entire life. He has been a community organizer. That is not a lesson in leadership. Bill Clinton and George W. Bush were leaders. Jack Kennedy, Harry Truman, Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan were powerful leaders.

Do you realize it’s been 36 days, or will be by the time you read this message, and Obama has still not visited the oil spillage in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think he is going down there Friday for a photo-op.  For almost three weeks Governor Bobby Jindal has been begging Obama for permission to build sand berms to stop the oil from getting in the low wetlands.  The EPA is saying they must do a study on the impact of the berms. How stupid is Washington?  If Louisiana doesn’t put the berms in place NOW then the entire lower coast lands will be filled with oil. If you have ever been to Louisiana you know that a lot of the state is marshland. The oil can travel inland to Interstate 10 and beyond. This is a case of government regulations preventing a great state from saving its wetlands.

There are several big tankers waiting for a leader to send them into the gulf. These tankers suck up water and oil, separating the two, spitting the water out. Governor Bobby Jindal, a leader, has been pressing the Obama administration to put the tankers to work.  I get the feeling Obama doesn’t care what is happening to Louisiana.  I know for sure he doesn’t care about Texas and Arizona.  Governor Rick Perry has been writing letters to Obama and his key people for months. Perry wants help with the border.

The papers are full of the threat of terrorists coming through the Texas/Mexico border. They make it sound like we only have one threat and if we catch those few bad guys all will be well.  When in truth we are having radical Muslim terrorists crossing over every day.  If there are Somalia terrorists coming across, you know many are already here. We have an open border. A smart coyote can slip the bad guys through and we would never know it.

Obama is sending 1,200 troops.  That’s like trying to clean up the oil slick with paper towels.  McCain, Kyle and Cornyn asked for 6,000.  Obama is like a spoiled kid. Instead of leading he is sending a token number of troops so he can have another photo-op.  I pray a real leader steps forward to remove Obama in November 2012.  I’m tired of living under a leaderless government.

And, oh by the way. The 1,200 troops will not be sent to the border. They will be on the backside helping in the Border Patrol offices.  Obama said today he had the 1,200 in the works long before Arizona’s new bill.  He said he wants to stop the flow of guns south. How lame is that.  Anyone with half a brain knows the drug cartels don’t depend on us for guns. They buy ship loads from other countries.  A few small operators buy American guns.  Only about 17% of the guns in Mexico come from the US.

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This is the home of a couple of left wingers. The kind who write to tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about.


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