Bring In The Texas Rangers

Well, maybe not the modern Texas Rangers, they are handicapped by all the new rules. The politically correct way. I would like to share the story of Charlie Miller, Texas Ranger in the 1930ies and 1940ies.  Ranger Miller was a handsome, blue-eyed feller with a kind voice. He tipped his hat to ladies and never used a swear word.  Early in his career he was arresting three punks when one jumped on his back.  Charlie grabbed his Old WWII Army 45.  The safety is on the grips and the thugs prevented him from squeezing the handle.  They almost killed him before he freed his gun hand.  He ended up shooting all three.  I assume they died, but I’m not sure.  The next day Charlie wrapped his gun handle with buckskin straps. The buckskin pulled the safety lever and the gun was ready to fire. The remainder of his life Charlie kept his 45. tucked in his belt with the safety off.

When the horrible hurricane Camille hit Corpus Christi the big ranchers were about to go to war. The storm destroyed the fences , cattle were mingling and many had not been branded. Charlie showed up and met with two very angry owners.  Each had claim on a fine young bull.  Charlie listen for a spell, then pulled his 45 and shot the bull.  “Gentlemen divide the meat. Got any more animals I can help you with?”  Suddenly the angry ranchers became very helpful to each other.  The war was averted. Charlie was demoted from Sergent to Ranger.

He was stationed on the Rio Grande and from time to time he had to deal with illegals.  Charlie either killed them or they ran for home.  The local Mexicans hated him. His job was to secure the border and in his section no one came through.  On one occasion he spotted a Mexican on the Texas side of the river and a gun fight broke out. Charlie spoke perfect Spanish so he shouted, “I’m hit.”

The Mexican answered in Spanish, “I’m also hit.”

Charlie replied, “But I’m hit real bad.”

“Senior, I am also hit real bad.’

Charlie then shouted, “Then let’s stand up like men and get one of us out of our misery.”  Charlie later said, “Can you believe that guy was stupid enough to stand up?”

As was his practice Charlie had breakfast in Mexico.  After the last killing the cafe owner didn’t want to serve the Ranger coffee. Charlie stood up and shot a hole in the big metal coffee urn. He stepped behind the counter with his tin cup and filled it as the coffee poured through the hole.  Homer Garrison, the head of the Texas Rangers, fired Charlie for shooting the coffee pot.

On his way to San Antonio to be fired word was sent by telegraph that three bank robbers were heading his direction and he was ordered to apprehend them. A Constable was raveling with Charlie. When they saw the fast black Ford speeding down the dirt road Charlie stepped into the ditch while the Constable stood in the middle of the road.  As the car approached the Constable panicked, diving into the ditch. Charlie calmly shot all three robbers in the head as the car passed.  He later said it was like shooting ducks in a pond.  With that heroic effort he couldn’t be fired.  In fact Charlie served several years past retirement age. Homer Garrison kept changing his retirement date allowing him to serve well into his 70ies.   We need Charlie Miller today.  If the illegals knew a Texas Ranger was on this side and planned to kill them the illegal problem would be solved.   email:


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