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It’s a Done Deal

June 28, 2010

I will admit it was strange waking up with a woman in my bed. I found myself brushing my teeth before breakfast.  I was suddenly afraid my morning breath smelled like a mule. Lex, my new wife,  made breakfast but I made the coffee. Not that I don’t trust her coffee-making, it’s just that I felt so helpless sitting and waiting to be served. She is going grocery shopping while I do this brief blog and get to work. It’s just us two again. The old men and Roy are gone and I don’t expect any help for a couple of months.

We need to get married again. The old codgers that  came over to help did an amazing job. They mowed my yard and cleaned the barns. It looks like they used a gallon of saddle soap on my tack.  My bridles look like new and the scuff marks were polished out of the saddles. They even replaced burned out light bulbs.  I think the final count was sixteen old men running over each other to fix my place up.

It’s great to live in Texas. I have the greatest friends in the world.

Ray may move out of Intensive Care by the end of the week if he continues to get better.  I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get to do in the next couple of weeks. I’ve got to find time to move Lex’s personal things over here and do my taxes. I have fallen way behind on book work.

I love you people. Please don’t lose faith in America. It’s not long until November. (smile)

Some of you are asking photos to be posted. Please allow us a private life. Lex doesn’t think it’s a good idea to splash our faces all over the world. We are not heroes or celebrities. Just hardworking, God-fearing Americans like you who care about what’s happening.  Will <><


It was to be a Suprise

June 26, 2010

Mr. Obama let his thin skin get in the way of a warrior General.

Lex and I are getting married in the morning, a week early. We did that so no one extra would show up at the wedding under the Old Oak Tree.  What is it they say about the best laid plans of mice and men?

That bucket mouth clerk who sold us the marriage license told the old rancher that I visit with at the Dairy Queen and he told the world.  I expect about 200 people will show up in the morning. This was the very thing we tried to avoid.  I’m frankly a little steamed, but those rascals figured I would be so they got us a river front suite on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  You know, the big special spread big enough for a dozen folks.

Roy said he would take my place on the ranch because his wife and Ray’s wife will be at the hospital.  About a dozen old timers are going to help him. I’m afraid to come back and see the place after those old codgers get through helping.  I’m blogging tonight, because after the wedding we are going to go to San Antonio and take in a REAL movie. It’s been a long time since I ate movie popcorn and watched the big screen.  I let Lex pick and she wants to see Crazy Heart before it leaves the movies.  I’m afraid to go.  Jeff Bridges’ character Bad Blake might be a little too close to my life. I have not been a drinker in years and never smoked but the rest scares me. I’ve seen the trailers.  We will have dinner on the river, which also will be a treat.  I just hope that gurl doesn’t expect to be treated this good come next week. (smile)

Thank you for your prayers and support.  Come Monday afternoon we’ll be back on the ranch in the real world dealing with a government trying to destroy all we work for.

Will <><

The Kill Switch

June 25, 2010

Thank God for Arizona. I love their courage.

Slowly and stealthy a bad bill is working its way through that will give the president power to shut down the Internet for four months without notice. It’s called a Kill Switch. Joe Lieberman is pushing the bill.  This is so the president can shut down people like Drudge, Daily Caller, American Thinker, other giant Internet New Media and the host of small blogs like mine.  I assume all Internet would be closed down which includes emails and online purchases. The Internet gives out too much information and the government feels we are getting in the way of their agenda. With the oil mess on the Gulf, illegal aliens and the switching of Generals what better time to push something like this through? They don’t think we will notice.  I had not planned to blog today, but I was telling Lex about the Kill Switch and she thought you guys should know.

I have a jeweler friend from Corpus Christi who is helping me purchase Lex a nice diamond at wholesale. I pulled his butt out of the fire a few years back, so he owes me on this one. I don’t wear rings. It’s too dangerous in my line of work.  I know some men do wear rings but that’s their choice, not mine.  I once saw a ring cut off a swollen hand. Not a pretty sight.

Ray might get moved out of intensive care in a few days.  We will go to see him tonight and grab a nice meal while we are in town.  The lady deserves a treat for the hard work she has done.  Will

That Darn Bush

June 24, 2010

Barney Frank all decked out for the night.

The media was quick to point out General Stanley McChrystal was a George W. Bush man and that Obama did a great thing by getting rid of him.  Here is the funny part, he was replaced by a George W. Bush man, General David Petraeus.  The same liberal press who were saying hang Petraeus when Bush was in office are now saying Obama made a brilliant move placing him in charge.  Either way it’s a Bush man at the top. Obama can’t get any credit over this, he will still have to say it’s Bush’s fault.

I’ve  hired a housekeeper. She is the sister of Ray’s wife.  I like her very much and the best part Lex is crazy about her.

Today I handled the ranch work and let Lex and her mother get the house ready for a lady. I didn’t realize how masculine the place is. I had a window shade in the master bedroom but Lex thinks Plantation Shutters would be better.  Right now I have a second flat screen television in the master bedroom, I was told that has to go. She knows me, I’ll get into an old movie and sit up till daylight. So we are giving the second big flat-screen to Ray’s family.

She also thinks I need an artist studio away from the house.  She read the book on Charles Russel’s wife Nancy who built him a free-standing studio. Her dad has an original log cabin on his place. She wants to move it over here and fix it up for me to paint in. She said it’s big enough for her to have an office in the corner.  I just hope she allows me air conditioning.  It was in the mid 90ies today and we have not gotten to the hot weather yet.  Looks like my life is going to change.  No doubt for the better.

Okay, so I’m like Obama, I’m hen-pecked.  I will readily admit a woman should be the house boss and I’ll take care of the big things, like making sure the horses are fed, stalls are mucked out and the gates locked at night.   Will

Our Government

June 23, 2010

His laser like focus on the Gulf Coast.

This morning on Drudge the headlines were, “President orders the building of sand berms stopped.”   The EPA has decided the sand berms need to be two miles further off the coast from where they are now being constructed. Governor Bobby Jindal almost never got Obama’s permission to allow Louisiana to build the protective sand berms and now the President is stopping them because some academic in Washington doesn’t like where they are being built.

Obama’s drilling moratorium was blocked by a Federal Judge yesterday.  Today Obama is going to issue another six month moratorium on deep water drilling. I’m a slow talking country boy and frankly don’t understand how a ruling can get defeated and reissued as if nothing happened. I’m confident the ruling will go back into the courts and be defeated again.

In 60 years of off shore drilling we have had one accident. Obama wants to use this tragic event to pass cap and tax. He is shamelessly pushing the green slant on energy. Sarah was right, “Drill baby, drill.”

Obama admits we have about 200,000 oil skimmers in the United States.  He is only sending a handful to the Gulf Coast. He is concerned there maybe an oil spill in another area and the skimmers will be needed.  I’m too dumb to figure that one out.  We have a horrible situation in the Gulf, we need to rush all the skimmers we can to that area. If another oil spill happens we can then send some skimmers to that area. We have to do all we can to save the Gulf Coast.  It doesn’t look like the government feels like we need to.  Do you think the Government is trying to destroy the Gulf Coast states?   Will

Obama Parkway

June 22, 2010

His laser focus on getting the Gulf cleaned up.  If I had those skinny legs I’d wear long pants.

Remember last week when the president went to Ohio for a ten minute speech?  Construction workers were told to stay home. His visit cost the workers between $700,000 and $900,000 in lost wages. He was there for the dedication of the 800 foot long sliver of highway, which they named President Barack Obama Parkway.  I thought a parkway was longer than 800 feet.

Some of the worst news I’ve read about the Gulf Oil Mess is that the IRS is  going to tax the money given to the folks from BP.  If your shrimp boat is shut down and BP gives you $5,000 the IRS will want their share.  It just keeps getting worse for those folks.

Even worse than that, 8 Republican Senators wrote the president asking him not to use his executive power to make 12 to 20 million illegal aliens citizens. Just when you thought we had the Democrats on the ropes, Obama is thinking of adding 20 million Spanish speaking voters to the rolls.

Poor Lex is hurting big time, she is so sore.  I sent her home and drove to the hospital alone.  She is such a determined girl, I can’t get her to rest or slack off.  I called her dad and suggested he talk to her about slowing down. That was a mistake. After he got through I felt as if I’d been treating her with soft gloves. “She is my daughter and son, there is no quit in her. I’m not going to tell her to slow down and if I were you I’d give her free rein. If she wants to put in a full day’s work be thankful for the help.”

That girl continues to amaze me. On Saturday, we stopped to grab a bite, she got out the barber scissors and whacked off some of my hair.  I had not realized how long it had gotten. She did a much better job that the guy I go to in town!


Can You Believe IT?

June 21, 2010

It’s insane the Obama administration is suing Arizona over the state trying to stop illegals from coming in.  At least Governor Brewer is not backing down an inch.  She has the spunk of a Texas woman. This is the shame of the century.

You women will be pleased to learn I hired a full time housekeeper to clean and cook so Lex can help me for the time being.  Lord knows I don’t want her to have to do a man’s job very long.  I also gave Lex’s mom $$$ to go to the Super Wal-Mart in San Antonio to buy several pair of nice sheets and pillow cases. The truth of the matter mine are threadbare and not fit for a lady to sleep on.  It has been years since I bought any bed wear.

Poor Lex is so sore she can barely walk. I wonder if she is having second thoughts?

Ray has shown almost no improvement and his family is really depressed.  I go each night to be by his bedside, but like the oil spill I’m helpless to change things.      Will


June 19, 2010

Obama is playing golf today and Tony Haywood of BP fame is at a ritzy yacht boat race. So much for the Gulf Coast and their problems. Obama and Haywood need some time off.

A lot of people are demanding Obama be impeached.  You don’t know what you are asking.  Did you see what happened after the Lakers won the NBA Championship Thursday? In Los Angeles cars were burned, buildings destroyed and cops assaulted. This is with the Lakers winning. The Staples Center area was a war zone.  You impeach the president and 100 million Obama supporters will hit the streets and destroy our country. Thousands will die and entire blocks will be burned to the ground.

Just relax, he is working toward a one term presidency.  In The Drudge Report Obama was down to 41% approval and that’s before people find out he is playing more golf today while the oil pours out.  Even the left now see they made a big mistake to elect a man with no experience.  He can community organize, but he’s not a leader. Compare Mr. Obama with Bobby Jindal.  Which one has shown true leadership in this oil mess? It’s a no brainer, Jindal hands down.   You can’t fault Obama for not doing what he doesn’t know how.  Vote fiscal conservatives in to office this November and by 2012 Mr. Obama’s numbers will be in so low he may not run for a second term.

Quick note on Lex. Poor girl has rope blisters on her right hand.  I’m gonna buy her some better work gloves and a case of Corn Huskers. She will need it if she continues helping me ranch. Will

Who Is In Charge?

June 18, 2010

Unless you understand college football this cartoon won’t make sense to you.

Out of the blue the Coast Guard stopped the barges from sucking oil out of the Gulf of Mexico. Poor Governor Jindal is about to pull his hair out.  The barges were making progress, but they were standing in the way to Barry’s $7.00 a gallon gas.  What other reason can there be for the government stopping those barges that are sucking up 90,000 gallons a day? Sixteen barges were pulling out million four hundred thousand gallons of oil from the Louisiana waters.  I told you a long time ago we were heading for $7.00 gas, because some smart guy at Harvard thinks this will make the country green. Drudge had a story today on $7.00 a gallon gas.

I can tell you who will be in charge on this dry creek ranch in a couple of months. I have started weaning some of the older calves, Lex stepped right in and knew what to do. I keep forgetting she was raised on a ranch with no brothers. She was a Tom Boy growing up.  Her daddy’s ranch hand.    It’s like she has worked on my place her entire life.  It’s good to have someone in the harness pulling as hard as me.

Not all is roses. The doctors pulled Roy, Lex and me aside last night and told us Ray may never be physically able to do stressful ranch work. I figured as much after I learned the extent of his injuries.

Just focus on this: We have to win in November and win big.  Will

Will’s Suprise Help

June 17, 2010

When they start making these I’ll get a cell phone.

This morning I was eating cornflakes with cold milk and waiting for daylight when suddenly my backdoor opened. There stood a tall drink of water, her Lady Wranglers tucked in high top boots with spurs jingling as she walked into the kitchen.  Then said, “Cowboy, I hear you can use some help.  Daddy and I were talking last night and he suggested I may as well get a head start on helping you make a go of this place. He said Lord knows that boy needs a woman in his life.”

I looked out back to see her trailer with a saddled horse inside. I thought, “This gal has come to do a full day’s work.”  I didn’t hear her drive up and that worthless dog of mine no longer barks when he hears her Land Rover. If she had been a serial killer I’d be dead by now with Bandit guarding the place. She is going to leave her horse and saddle. I guess my horses are not good enough for her (smile).

Some have expressed concern that I may be rushing into marriage. Not so.  I have been thinking about asking her for a long time. I just hated to bring her on board with all the uncertainties the country is facing.  One of my blog family told me I was not getting any younger and if I was not careful I’d end up an old man living alone. Made a lot of sense. I’ll admit the accident hastened my decision, because if I didn’t marry Lex I’d never see her. I’m busy 24-7.   Besides, I don’t cotton to growing old alone.

Ray and Roy are the twins.  Ray is the injured man. Last night he spoke a couple of words to me. He will recover, but until he does I plan to be with him every evening unless it’s my turn to patrol.

Please no cards or presents.  We would feel very uncomfortable. Lex and I have agreed to wait on a honeymoon until both men are back and can run things while we are away.  Thank you for your love, advice and concern. Will<><


Indians call Obama, “Walking Eagle”; because he is so full of XXXX he can’t fly.