New Arizona Motorcycle seat.

I realize I sometimes come off as the man of steel, but I bleed when cut, bruise when hit and cry at funerals.  I fall into bed most nights from exhaustion. With that said I have not been one to get stressed. That has changed since some unthoughtful people elected the most radical president in the history of the United States. For me to be powerless is amplified stress. I understand, “Let go and let God.’   That is easy to preach from the pulpit but when you get down and dirty with reality it’s not an easy thing to do.

I really don’t feel stressed over the money I’m spending for new deep water wells. They are long overdue.  I made do with obsolete windmills, that were broken more than they produced.  I wasn’t stressed over having to dip my animals.  I was angry at Mexico, but if you work cattle you know there is always something.  I wasn’t stressed when rabies was discovered in our area ranches.  I was emotionally prepared to deal with the problem should it arise. When Bandit, my dog, was stolen I was sad, but not stressed. When God took my preacher home my tears flowed, but I was not stressed.

Then I went to the border to help an old Mexican rancher protect his property.  I saw anything I could do would only be a temporary patch on a much larger problem. The dogs worked for a while.  He hired security guards, but they don’t stop the illegals carrying drugs from crossing his ranch. They stay around the ranch house or go with the men when they are working cattle.  I find my neck getting tight at night knowing my helpless position. I know if I went down there and used force to stop the intrusion, I’d be in jail.  Illegal aliens have more rights here than US citizens.  God forbid I should shoot one member of the drug cartel gang bringing drugs through.  I would be in chains in a nano second.

I have become stressed at the apathy I’m seeing among many Americans.  I don’t think they realize the importance of the elections in November.  I’m stressed knowing if we don’t elect fiscal conservative, small government and lower tax people we will go the way of Spain and Greece.  Spain had their bond rate lowered and they have unemployment of 20.5%.  Spain tried to go green and it destroyed the country.

I’m drilling the wells now, because I have it on reliable sources the Government is getting ready to control all of the water. This means limiting stock tanks and what kinds of wells we can dig.  So I’m doing it now so my wells will be grandfathered in. If we don’t do something in the November elections the Obama government will control every aspect of our lives.

My question to you is this:  How can you sit on your butt, grumble and not become pro-active in getting good folks elected? I know a few of you are active, but the larger number of you reading my blogs are hanger ons. You are there for the ride.  Perhaps it’s time you got sweaty helping the rest of us push the Freedom Wagon. I’m stressed seeing how few seem to really care.  I don’t care if you have never worked in a political race, now is the time to get wet. Truthfully it’s now or never. If we fail to kick out the incumbant liberals in November, Obama will turn our country into a socialist nation within two more years.  Email:

This makes me stressed and it should you as well.


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