Sore Butt

I can say without hesitation my butt is sore because of a lot of things.  First, I’ve been in the saddle for eleven days straight.  Even Sunday I was roping goats with my men and friends. If I might be so bold, I won on a substandard horse.  We all roped three goats and the Lord smiled on me, all three of mine were perfect. They ran straight and not like a Democrat.  The rest of the days I’ve been moving cattle for dipping. I didn’t have to dip, but I figured it’s better to be safe than sorry. That I can’t complain about. The cattle are fat, the grass is green and my corn is as high as an elephant’s eye.  (The last part I plagiarized from the musical Oklahoma)

My butt is sore because a dear friend and neighbor recently had thieves clean him out. They stole tractors, big farm equipment and most anything of value. He and his wife went on a cruise out of Galveston for her birthday. When they returned they discovered an empty farm. Clearly someone knew they would be gone for a week. They came, took their time and stole everything of value including his guns.  He told the guy at the local feed store he had never had one item stolen before.  Insurance will only cover a tiny bit of his loss.  I’ve got an extra tractor to loan him and others will pitch in. He is in his early 60ies and shouldn’t have to start over.

My butt is sore that Obama and Holder are trying to file criminal charges against BP and the oil spill.  I know enough about oil drilling to understand no one in their right mind would intentionally blow up a rig.  Did some environmental wacko set off a charge?   It would not surprise me if they did, so all oil rigs would be shut down. I know this, no one on the rig would risk their lives to blow up their home.  The only crime I see is the one being perpetrated by the Obama administration in failing to give the Gulf states the help they need to prevent the slick from getting into the wetlands.  Obama still has not given governor Jindal all he is asking for … permission to build sand berms. After 45 days Obama has not authorized tankers that can separate the oil from the water.  In truth this week he is running from the crisis.  He is trying to absolve his responsibility by turning the tragedy into a crime.  He is weaker than Jimmy Carter.  Carter, at least, would have been down at the spill with some paper towels.  Carter would be knee-deep in the clean up.  His efforts wouldn’t have helped, but that would not have prevented Jimmy from trying. Obama doesn’t even try.

My butt is sore over the treatment Arizona governor Jan Brewer is being shown by King Obama.  She went to Washington DC, but Obama refused to meet with her. Arizona is a state in crisis and meeting with her does meet his pay grade.  Drudge said Obama decided to meet with Brewer today.  That is only because of the pressure the media has slapped on him.

It makes my butt sore that our president has no compassion. The Gulf oil spill and the plight of Arizona prove he doesn’t care about the pain of the people.  Had he cared about people he would not have pushed the Obamacare bill through and cut the funding for our older people.  His treatment plan for the very sick, giving them a pink or blue pill and making them comfortable till they are dead show a man totally without compassion.

I got some relief when I heard Sheriff Joe say, “I will obey the new Arizona law here in Phoenix. I’ll arrest the illegals and lock them up. I won’t call the Homeland Security people.  I’ll just leave them locked up and let them live in tents.”  Gotta love Sheriff Joe.



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