Big Ego = $7 Gas

Falcon Lake Bass. The Drug Gangs are now robbing these fishermen/women.

Today I celebrate my 365th blog this past year. If you knew how little time I have to write you would give me a standing ovation for not missing a day this past year. I want to take a moment to let you all know how much your messages mean to me.  The first thing I read in the morning is your comments. Thanks.

I need to tell you of a disaster averted. The drug cartel Zetas were planning to blow up the Lake Falcon Dam, but the Mexican army was able to prevent it from happening. The dam is 5 miles long and had they been successful Del Rio would have been flooded. Experts say most of the border towns would have been severely damaged.  Keep in mind, Falcon Lake is 60 miles long and has a lot of water behind that dam.  The Zetas used bull horns and flyers warning the locals in Mexico to flee the low water areas.  Many say if a snitch had not informed the Mexican army the Zeta had enough explosives to bring down the dam.  Why is this not on the evening news?  Thousands of people would have been killed. Both sides have increased cameras and people watching the dam.  No one knows why they wanted to destroy the dam other than they could.

Note: 95% of today’s job increase  numbers for May was government jobs.

News: this morning Mr. Obama is angry with big oil.  I’m not angry, I’m sad for the people who lost their lives and those who will have no jobs because of Obama. Mr. Big Ego just shut down off shore drilling in the Gulf, Virginia and Alaska. He enjoys wielding his total power.  Thousands of jobs will be lost. Guys working on the big off shore rigs earn serious money and they spend it locally.  Even without the oil spill killing the fishing industry the impact of no drilling is a financial disaster for the Gulf coast states. If my memory is correct the Democrats have been saying we need $7 a gallon gas to stop people from driving.  Do they think I can run my business on a bicycle?  It’s a sick joke to think Americans can ride buses, trains and bikes for transportation.  I will be back in the mule and wagon days without my pickup truck.  Harry Reid wanted to set a cap on gasolene of $7 a gallon.  If gas is $3 a gallon then the Feds would add $4 in taxes.  If gas is $5 then the Feds would add $2 in taxes. As long as they make us use $7 a gallon gas the Democrats will be happy. Let’s face it folks, we have to vote that bunch out. They are destroying our country.

If Obama is so worried about Gulf accidents then open Alaska.  There is more oil in Alaska than we can burn.  Just a thought, does he want us to be forced to buy oil from Muslim countries?  Mr. Big Ego has sent the EPA to shut down Texas refineries. Not physically shut them down, but place so many restrictions they can’t operate at a profit.  Governor Rick Perry is fighting Washington, he is armed with a fly swatter and the EPA a cannon.  I see my wonderful country being destroyed piece by piece and I’m helpless to stop any of the insanity.  I have never felt so powerless.

I read dozens of new media outlets and frankly there is so much negative news I would have to blog all day to get a smidgen of them covered. Each day my readers fill my inbox with one mess or another Mr. Big Ego is causing.  My heart is so broken over the way Arizona and Louisiana are being treated by the president of the United States.  I never thought I would live to see the day when the president became the enemy of our states. His actions are destroying Louisiana and if he could he would destroy Arizona.   Please help me vote in good, small government, lower taxes and fiscally conservatives folks this November.  Email:


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