Obama’s MAD!

All week the liberals have been telling Obama to get mad.  Spike Lee said, “Obama needs to go off.”  Since I don’t talk gutter language I think Lee is telling the president to get mad. What is amazing to me, they can’t see he is already mad.

This weekend the liberals have been praising Mr. Obama for being mad.  Is that a good thing?  From my part of the country people don’t get mad, dogs do. (smile)  People get angry.  A dog with rabies is called a mad dog in Texas and I suspect the same is true in other parts of the country.  We never say a rabid dog is angry.  So I must take the liberals at their word when they are telling us Obama is mad.

Only a mad man would shut down deep water drilling in times like these.  I got a message this morning from one of my readers.  Obama’s madness has cost her husband his job.  His company repairs oil rigs.  No drilling equals no repairs.

The fishermen and women in the Gulf Coast have no jobs. They can’t sell polluted shrimp and fish.  Friday the president went back to the coast for another photo-op to show he is mad.  I don’t think he needed to waste money on the trip, all of us already know he is mad. The local fishermen are asking to be hired to help clean up the oil spill.  No one knows the Gulf waters better than these men and women.  Obama thumbed his nose at them. BP is hiring local water craft, but those are being filled with doctors and lawyers with fancy yachts. It’s a joke.   The local leaders pleaded with King Barry to use the local fishermen, but he doesn’t think they are qualified.  Like a doctor and lawyer in a yacht is???  This is the most stupid thing I’ve heard about the spill. No wonder BP can’t get it stopped.

Bobby Jindal, the governor of Louisiana has been asking for sand berms (small sand dams) to block the oil from getting into the wetlands. Finally Friday The King approved of six. Bobby was asking for 24.  The border states asked for 6,000 troops to block the illegals, The King sent them 1,200 with no guns. They are computer geeks.  Just what is needed to stop drug dealers with AK47s. General McCrystal asked for 60,000 troops for the Afghanistan surge. The King waited six months and sent 30,000 and not all of that at one time. They are slowly trickling in to the battle.  Obama is more reliant on the advice of his Harvard pals than the experts in the field. The people of Louisiana know more than those college types on how to stop the oil from reaching shore.

Governors Perry, Brewer and Richardson know more about the border problems than the Obama Harvard types. In truth we need 10,000 armed military on the border and the illegal flow would all but cease. There may be a few gun battles, but in the end the Mexicans would tuck tail and run. When they realized our brave men and women would not accept their bribes they would fold their tents and drift away from the border.  Mexico will never have any stability, because the entire country is corrupt. I get the feeling Obama would like for us to be more like Mexico. So corruption matters. The Mexican people see it as a way of life. Thank God that is not the attitude of the hard-working Americans.

I agree with the liberals, Obama turned completely mad this week.  His jobs fraud will come to light when all of over half a million census workers are laid off this summer. He will no longer be able to use those numbers as jobs saved or created.  His liberal sycophant press is beginning to show us his madness.

Email: willcooper@senkarik.com

Oil hitting the Gulf Coast wetlands.


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