Rape Trees

One of thousands of Rape Trees on the American side of the Border.

Why is the main stream media putting a muffler on the serious crime of gang rape against illegal alien women on American soil?  According to reliable records over 70% of all women who attempt to cross the open country to get into America are raped.  Single women are raped at a higher percentage.    Women are advised to take birth control pills before they leave Mexico.  In other words the Mexican government knows these women will be raped before they reach a safe house. The women understand not to fight the rape, because the rapist knows where their family lives. If they talk their family will be killed. This is the sad reality of an open border.

After the rape the men rip the girl’s or woman’s underwear off  and tie or throw the garments on the rape tree.   The horrendous part of all this is many girls between the ages of 7 and 12 are raped in the wilderness.  There are documented photographs of children’s underwear hanging from rape trees. And the liberals want to let men like this into our country???

According to government records as many as 100,000 young boys and girls are forced into the sex trade after being raped under a rape tree. Human sex slave traffic is enormous and a big money-maker. Sick men will pay big money to have sex with a child.  Our government is doing nothing to stop illegal children from being forced into prostitution.

There is a group from Green Valley, Arizona who seek out those coming over from Mexico to give them food and water. There are about 140 liberal do-gooders supplying food and water to the illegal aliens. Green Valley is a bedroom community about 20 miles south of Tucson.  I think this group should be arrested for aiding criminals. Make no mistake, the moment a person enters the United States illegally they are a criminal and those who assist them should be arrested.  I don’t hear the Green Valley group protesting the mass rape of women and children.  Where is their anger and pity on this issue? Don’t tell me they have not seen the rape trees.

Does it take a broken down cowboy from South Texas to stand tall against such outrage?  Am I the only one to find this disgusting? Where are the women’s groups? Where is NOW?  Where are the Senators and House members pointing out this horrendous crime?   There are no votes to be had for red flagging the rape of helpless women and children; therefore the politicians and media are silent.  I pray each of you who read this message will make sure it is read by many people. Please post this on Face Book and MySpace.   This is America and even illegal alien women and children have the right to our laws against child abuse and rape.

If we could turn back the clock at a time when the Charlie Millers ran the law we would catch the men who are doing the molesting and raping, cut their testicles out and hang them from a tree.  We need testicle trees to counter the rape trees.

I know you are as sick as I am to learn such horrible abuse is happening. When we block the border these unspeakable crimes will go away. If Obama cared he would send 10,000 troops and stop the people coming over. Let’s work on getting all the liberals voted out. Primaries are this week for many of you. Get out and vote for fiscal conservatives. We have to replace this administration and this is the first step.

Email: Willcooper@senkarik.com


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