Guilt Trips

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

Please allow me to say thank you to the dozens of you who are posting my messages on your Face Book and other links.  I’m humbled and very pleased. Your helping spread my messages is wonderful. As we say down in this neck of the woods, “Much obliged.”

It occurred to me our president has visited the Gulf Coast a couple of times recently, because his own left-wing press and his supporters shamed him into going.  I call them ‘guilt trips’.  He would much rather have an over the hill British rocker sing to him in the White House than do his job. I was looking at photos of Paul McCartney and in truth he looks like an ugly old woman with dyed hair. Doesn’t he realize how stupid his black hair looks on an old man? Obama had a big laugh when The British sissy said, “It’s good to have a president who knows where a library is.”  The room roared with laughter and Obama was seen clapping his hands. That statement was a lie and an insult to president Bush.

The truth is Laura Bush, who was a librarian, has done more to help children read than any other first lady. George W. Bush made education his number one goal. What the press never says is Bush and Karl Rove had a contest each year to see who would read the most books.  President Bush read over thirty books each year in office and Karl edged him out with thirty-two annually.  I would hazard a guess that President George W. Bush has read triple the amount of books of Obama has. At least Bush knows how to pronounce Corpseman. (smile)

Obama is at it again. He had another swanky deal in the Ford Theater this week to be shown on television July 2nd.  He had rather party than face the oil crisis.

Obama and the Democrats gave the slimy president from Mexico a standing ovation when he said before Congress, “Arizona is a racist state.”

Much has been made of Obama canceling his Indonesian trip.  He didn’t cancel the trip because he had too much to do here. He canceled because he knows he will be heckled and have rotten eggs thrown at his car.  He is hated by the Indonesian people.  They erected a sculpture of a young Barry near where he went to school. The town’s people pulled the statue down and beat it with shoes, the ultimate insult.

Obama didn’t want to deal with the tragic event in the Gulf of Mexico. He flew to California three times to raise money for Barbara Boxer.  He flew down to meet with the Duke basketball team.  Normally teams come to the White House, but not with Barry, he logs the miles on Air Force One.  It’s not clear how many times he has played golf in the past 48 days, but it’s safe to bet he has spent 5 times more hours on the golf course than on the oil soaked banks of Louisiana.

James Carville screamed at the television camera and told Barry, “We are dying down here. Obama needs to get down here and do something.”  All the liberal reporters have been badgering the president to go help. Finally he made two brief photo-op guilt trips.

It’s silly of us to expect him to show leadership now, the guy has never been in charge of anything.   We can’t blame him for his failure to lead, because he has zero experience in leadership.  Shear guilt caused him to go to Louisiana,  PERIOD. He knows Bush went to Louisiana after Katrina 8 times in the same time span.  Obama believes ‘out of sight’ is the way to lead.   Even Jimmy Carter was a better leader than Bumbling Barry.   Email:


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