Hope to Cope

When I realized that I was powerless to prevent the clueless Americans from electing the most radical and unqualified man to the office of presidency I developed a tinge of hope that I might be wrong about him.  But now, each day he is in office I realize how much I underestimated he incompetence.  I once had a baseball coach that looked great in a ball cap, but he didn’t know sic-em about the game.  Obama looks great in a suit and can read a teleprompter better than most, but he has turned out to be an empty suit. I finally lost all hope. I now have come to the conclusion unless we get rid of the liberals and Obama people our country is going under.

It is no longer a matter of coping. We are past the coping stage, we are in a desperate mode. I say we, because I think the vast majority who honor me by using your valuable time to read what a broken down cowboy has to say agree with me.  Look at the BP fiasco. Obama refuses to even talk with the CEO of BP.  Is he scared that he won’t know what to say to a man like the CEO of BP?

Let me give you an example you can understand. I only need one word: Census. Please allow a disclaimer. I personally know three people who are working for the Census and they are happy to get a paycheck. These three are giving us our money’s worth, but the Census is a scam of the greatest magnitude. In 2000 the government spent $4.5 Billion on the Census.  In 2010 Obama is spending $14.5 Billion.  Right now there are 550,000 Census workers.  Last month the government reported 441,000 new jobs, but 95% of those were Census workers.  Several workers have come forward to admit they were fired at the end of the month and hired again the 1st.  This is so Obama can say there were so many thousand jobs created that month. When in truth it’s the same folks being laid off and rehired.  In truth this is a crime.

I found this in the Galveston newspaper: Check out these numbers and get ticked off like I am.

Census Jobs:                                              550,000

Airline Workers:                                       456,000

Electronic and Appliance Stores:     480,000

Oil and Gas:                                                 165,000

Rail:                                                                216,000

Almost 4 million were recruited to conduct the Census and 1.4 million will be hired. Obama can keep on saying we are adding new jobs, but in truth it will be temporary government jobs.  None of the jobs are real, just fill-ins.  Some people are turning down real jobs to work on the Census, then this fall they will be out of work.

The government Census has used 11 million pounds of paper or 350,000 large trees.  They spent millions on ads and mailings.  And Obama wonders why the folks don’t trust government-run health-care?

I suspect most of you did like me. I got the deal in the mail, filled the form out and sent it back the same week.  I know from my friends who are taking the Census that a lot of people who have not mailed the form in are illegal aliens.  Great, now a bunch of illegals will determine how many Representatives the state has.

Lord help me. I’m almost past coping.  Thanks for standing with me. It means a lot to this Texas cowboy.  Email: Willcooper@senkarik.com


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