The Oil Spew

This is our leader!

The press and Obama keep calling the horrible oil spew in the Gulf of Mexico an oil spill.  No one tipped over a bucket of oil, actually the crude is spewing from the ground.  The Exxon Valdez was a spill, but the Gulf of Mexico isn’t.   The media is killing tourism on the beaches of Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.  Those three states still have pristine beaches.  A few oil balls have drifted up on the Alabama and Florida beaches, but the sugar sands of Destin are as beautiful as ever. The negative news has people changing vacation plans and it’s killing those resort areas.  I wish the media would wait until there is actually a problem before they start writing about the horrors of those states.

Only a small part of Louisiana is actually affected.  12 Parishes still have their beaches open.  Yet the media has file footage of a few oil soaked pelicans and dirty beaches, which they have on a loop, continuously rolling the film.  Obama stopping drilling for oil is doing much greater damage than the escaped oil.

What you don’t hear is three days after the blow-up on the oil rig the Dutch offered to bring in ships that suck oil off the surface and they also were prepared to build sand berms. Obama old them, “Thanks, but no.”  Had the president not dissed the Dutch no oil would have reached the shore. If this doesn’t show you how incompetent this man is you are blinded by Kool-aid. Obama won’t even talk with Tony Hayward, the CEO of BP.  He is frozen with the fear of making a mistake. Today Obama said he will meet with Tony soon. Sure, after the press has been all over his cowardliness for weeks.

Let’s see if I have this straight. Oil comes from the ground and it’s organic. I agree the BP leak is a mess, but come on folks this is not a nuclear bomb.  In time nature will heal.  Trust me on this, Mother Nature has contingency plans to deal with such misfortunes.  God knew man would screw things up so he created the planet with a healing process.  Try as we might we can’t destroy the planet.

How much oil has spurted from the earth?  BP says between 18 and 39 million gallons.  Let’s say they are short and the number is 50 million gallons. The Exxon Valdez was around 11 million barrels.

Remember Kuwait in 1991?  How does 520 million barrels grab you? Also remember a lot of the wells were set on fire and pipe lines cut.  The troops say oil was 4″ deep and covered 4,000 square miles.

No one is talking about the 1980 Mexico oil disaster. That accident spewed out over 100 million gallons into the Gulf. The well stayed open for a full year spewing 30,000 gallons a day.

In 1979 Trinidad and Tobago had a tropical storm that spilled 90 million gallons when a Greek oil tanker collided with another ship. Mother Nature has cleaned that up.

Look at Russia in 1994 when a pipeline broke and 84 million gallons leaked before the damage was discovered. They were eight months finding the leak.

In 1983 a tanker in the Persian Gulf slammed into a rig spilling 79 million gallons. The well continued to pour oil into the ocean for seven months before it was repaired.

Let’s stay with 1983, looking to South Africa where a tanker caught fire in a severe storm and was abandoned, pouring out 79 million gallons.

A French ship’s rudder broke and despite several ships responding to the distress call,  the tanker ran aground, broke apart spilling 79 million gallons 25 miles off the coast.

Angola in 1991 lost close to 80 million gallons in the sea when the tanker exploded.

We will get past the BP mess. I just hope we can survive the BO mess.  Email:

This is the attitude of the president toward the Gulf Oil mess.


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