He is Hurt Real Bad

Will kicking up dust.

One of the twins who works for me was injured worse than we thought.  He has internal injuries and is in intensive care in San Antonio.  I’m very concerned for his well being.  His leg is also shattered, which I didn’t know. I think he will make it, but it will be a challenge. I suspect it will be a year before he can come back to work and even then we are not sure he can do what is required. I’ll keep his salary going as long as I can. Thank the Lord I do have insurance.

I was concerned that our moving him might have done damage, but the doctors said we saved his life. I’m so far out in the country by the time help came he might have been dead.  My first reaction was to get him medical help as fast as I could and moving him seemed like the smart thing at the time. It’s good to know the doctors agree. I wouldn’t be able to forgive myself if I’d hurt him more.

My disappointment is so many of you write and send things yet never visit my eBay auctions.  Not even placing a nickle bid to get things started.   I have given my total effort to writing interesting blogs. Not all are great, not all interesting,  but I have done my best and that is all I can do.  Likewise with the art. Some of you have been more than supportive and I thank you.  I’ll miss you. This is probably my last blog for quite some time.  I won’t say bye, but I will be signing out until things are better with my man. If I sound shaken, I am.  I love that guy. He and his brother are the most honorable, loyal men you will find anywhere, bar none.

When the current 4 pieces on eBay sell I won’t be listing any more real soon.  My first obligation is to my God, country and then family. The men who work for me are family. Many of you on eBay have been family as well.   The bottom line is trying to make a profit raising cattle in these tough times. The two-year drought hit me hard between the eyes and I’m trying to recover.

I will go to the hospital tonight.  His brother is there now and I have the ranch by myself. I imagine it will be like this till my man is out of the woods.

No need to write, I know those who care. I thank you for standing with me.    Will Cooper <><


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