Will’s Getting Married

Soon to be married Will Cooper

I know most of you thought I was destined to live the life of a old, broken down, reclusive cowboy.  I took a page from Rahm Emmanuel and decided a crisis should never go to waste. In the middle of the worst crisis to happen on my ranch I decided to take a wife.

In truth this horrible accident to my key man hit me pretty hard. I’ve realized how short life is. I have a girl who loves me, her family thinks I’m great and I can’t stand the thought of her not being in my life.  After I showered she came over and drove with me to San Antonio to visit my man.  It’s awful to see him in such pain. I know he will get better, I just wish it were now.

On the way we stopped at a Burger King for a snack. Sitting in one of those small booths I made a ring from a burger wrapper,  took her hand in both of mine and asked, “Will you be my Burger Queen?”    I know it’s corny.  After the shock wore off her face I asked her to be my wife.  Thankfully she said yes.

I know some of you will think since I’m missing a ranch hand I’m marrying her to pick up the slack. I’ll admit it’s not a bad idea, she is a real cowgirl. If she wants to help that will be fine, but I’m not going to ask.  She has to make the decision with no prompting from me. If she chooses to work the range and help me keep this dry creek ranch floating then I’ll hire a cook and housekeeper for her. How is that for romance?

We talked about wedding plans on the way home. I asked if she wanted a big church wedding.  She told me her choice would be to get married under the big oak where we go to church. She thought getting married on horseback might fit our lifestyle best. I couldn’t agree more. You know me, the simpler the better.

When we returned I spoke to her parents.  They were elated,  I was relieved (smile).  I’m going to leave the date to her.  I’ve got my hands full running the ranch alone.  She is thinking of July 3rd. Sounds good to me.  Writing this blog I know I made the wise choice. She has become my soul mate.  I just hope I’m a good husband. As a bonus I’m going to let her sleep in the house instead of the barn.

email: willcooper@senkarik.com

I guess you heard the speech last night. Here is a photo of him talking.


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