Who Is In Charge?

Unless you understand college football this cartoon won’t make sense to you.

Out of the blue the Coast Guard stopped the barges from sucking oil out of the Gulf of Mexico. Poor Governor Jindal is about to pull his hair out.  The barges were making progress, but they were standing in the way to Barry’s $7.00 a gallon gas.  What other reason can there be for the government stopping those barges that are sucking up 90,000 gallons a day? Sixteen barges were pulling out million four hundred thousand gallons of oil from the Louisiana waters.  I told you a long time ago we were heading for $7.00 gas, because some smart guy at Harvard thinks this will make the country green. Drudge had a story today on $7.00 a gallon gas.

I can tell you who will be in charge on this dry creek ranch in a couple of months. I have started weaning some of the older calves, Lex stepped right in and knew what to do. I keep forgetting she was raised on a ranch with no brothers. She was a Tom Boy growing up.  Her daddy’s ranch hand.    It’s like she has worked on my place her entire life.  It’s good to have someone in the harness pulling as hard as me.

Not all is roses. The doctors pulled Roy, Lex and me aside last night and told us Ray may never be physically able to do stressful ranch work. I figured as much after I learned the extent of his injuries.

Just focus on this: We have to win in November and win big.  Will


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