Obama is playing golf today and Tony Haywood of BP fame is at a ritzy yacht boat race. So much for the Gulf Coast and their problems. Obama and Haywood need some time off.

A lot of people are demanding Obama be impeached.  You don’t know what you are asking.  Did you see what happened after the Lakers won the NBA Championship Thursday? In Los Angeles cars were burned, buildings destroyed and cops assaulted. This is with the Lakers winning. The Staples Center area was a war zone.  You impeach the president and 100 million Obama supporters will hit the streets and destroy our country. Thousands will die and entire blocks will be burned to the ground.

Just relax, he is working toward a one term presidency.  In The Drudge Report Obama was down to 41% approval and that’s before people find out he is playing more golf today while the oil pours out.  Even the left now see they made a big mistake to elect a man with no experience.  He can community organize, but he’s not a leader. Compare Mr. Obama with Bobby Jindal.  Which one has shown true leadership in this oil mess? It’s a no brainer, Jindal hands down.   You can’t fault Obama for not doing what he doesn’t know how.  Vote fiscal conservatives in to office this November and by 2012 Mr. Obama’s numbers will be in so low he may not run for a second term.

Quick note on Lex. Poor girl has rope blisters on her right hand.  I’m gonna buy her some better work gloves and a case of Corn Huskers. She will need it if she continues helping me ranch. Will


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