Can You Believe IT?

It’s insane the Obama administration is suing Arizona over the state trying to stop illegals from coming in.  At least Governor Brewer is not backing down an inch.  She has the spunk of a Texas woman. This is the shame of the century.

You women will be pleased to learn I hired a full time housekeeper to clean and cook so Lex can help me for the time being.  Lord knows I don’t want her to have to do a man’s job very long.  I also gave Lex’s mom $$$ to go to the Super Wal-Mart in San Antonio to buy several pair of nice sheets and pillow cases. The truth of the matter mine are threadbare and not fit for a lady to sleep on.  It has been years since I bought any bed wear.

Poor Lex is so sore she can barely walk. I wonder if she is having second thoughts?

Ray has shown almost no improvement and his family is really depressed.  I go each night to be by his bedside, but like the oil spill I’m helpless to change things.      Will


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