Obama Parkway

His laser focus on getting the Gulf cleaned up.  If I had those skinny legs I’d wear long pants.

Remember last week when the president went to Ohio for a ten minute speech?  Construction workers were told to stay home. His visit cost the workers between $700,000 and $900,000 in lost wages. He was there for the dedication of the 800 foot long sliver of highway, which they named President Barack Obama Parkway.  I thought a parkway was longer than 800 feet.

Some of the worst news I’ve read about the Gulf Oil Mess is that the IRS is  going to tax the money given to the folks from BP.  If your shrimp boat is shut down and BP gives you $5,000 the IRS will want their share.  It just keeps getting worse for those folks.

Even worse than that, 8 Republican Senators wrote the president asking him not to use his executive power to make 12 to 20 million illegal aliens citizens. Just when you thought we had the Democrats on the ropes, Obama is thinking of adding 20 million Spanish speaking voters to the rolls.

Poor Lex is hurting big time, she is so sore.  I sent her home and drove to the hospital alone.  She is such a determined girl, I can’t get her to rest or slack off.  I called her dad and suggested he talk to her about slowing down. That was a mistake. After he got through I felt as if I’d been treating her with soft gloves. “She is my daughter and son, there is no quit in her. I’m not going to tell her to slow down and if I were you I’d give her free rein. If she wants to put in a full day’s work be thankful for the help.”

That girl continues to amaze me. On Saturday, we stopped to grab a bite, she got out the barber scissors and whacked off some of my hair.  I had not realized how long it had gotten. She did a much better job that the guy I go to in town!



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