Our Government

His laser like focus on the Gulf Coast.

This morning on Drudge the headlines were, “President orders the building of sand berms stopped.”   The EPA has decided the sand berms need to be two miles further off the coast from where they are now being constructed. Governor Bobby Jindal almost never got Obama’s permission to allow Louisiana to build the protective sand berms and now the President is stopping them because some academic in Washington doesn’t like where they are being built.

Obama’s drilling moratorium was blocked by a Federal Judge yesterday.  Today Obama is going to issue another six month moratorium on deep water drilling. I’m a slow talking country boy and frankly don’t understand how a ruling can get defeated and reissued as if nothing happened. I’m confident the ruling will go back into the courts and be defeated again.

In 60 years of off shore drilling we have had one accident. Obama wants to use this tragic event to pass cap and tax. He is shamelessly pushing the green slant on energy. Sarah was right, “Drill baby, drill.”

Obama admits we have about 200,000 oil skimmers in the United States.  He is only sending a handful to the Gulf Coast. He is concerned there maybe an oil spill in another area and the skimmers will be needed.  I’m too dumb to figure that one out.  We have a horrible situation in the Gulf, we need to rush all the skimmers we can to that area. If another oil spill happens we can then send some skimmers to that area. We have to do all we can to save the Gulf Coast.  It doesn’t look like the government feels like we need to.  Do you think the Government is trying to destroy the Gulf Coast states?   Will


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