That Darn Bush

Barney Frank all decked out for the night.

The media was quick to point out General Stanley McChrystal was a George W. Bush man and that Obama did a great thing by getting rid of him.  Here is the funny part, he was replaced by a George W. Bush man, General David Petraeus.  The same liberal press who were saying hang Petraeus when Bush was in office are now saying Obama made a brilliant move placing him in charge.  Either way it’s a Bush man at the top. Obama can’t get any credit over this, he will still have to say it’s Bush’s fault.

I’ve  hired a housekeeper. She is the sister of Ray’s wife.  I like her very much and the best part Lex is crazy about her.

Today I handled the ranch work and let Lex and her mother get the house ready for a lady. I didn’t realize how masculine the place is. I had a window shade in the master bedroom but Lex thinks Plantation Shutters would be better.  Right now I have a second flat screen television in the master bedroom, I was told that has to go. She knows me, I’ll get into an old movie and sit up till daylight. So we are giving the second big flat-screen to Ray’s family.

She also thinks I need an artist studio away from the house.  She read the book on Charles Russel’s wife Nancy who built him a free-standing studio. Her dad has an original log cabin on his place. She wants to move it over here and fix it up for me to paint in. She said it’s big enough for her to have an office in the corner.  I just hope she allows me air conditioning.  It was in the mid 90ies today and we have not gotten to the hot weather yet.  Looks like my life is going to change.  No doubt for the better.

Okay, so I’m like Obama, I’m hen-pecked.  I will readily admit a woman should be the house boss and I’ll take care of the big things, like making sure the horses are fed, stalls are mucked out and the gates locked at night.   Will


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