The Kill Switch

Thank God for Arizona. I love their courage.

Slowly and stealthy a bad bill is working its way through that will give the president power to shut down the Internet for four months without notice. It’s called a Kill Switch. Joe Lieberman is pushing the bill.  This is so the president can shut down people like Drudge, Daily Caller, American Thinker, other giant Internet New Media and the host of small blogs like mine.  I assume all Internet would be closed down which includes emails and online purchases. The Internet gives out too much information and the government feels we are getting in the way of their agenda. With the oil mess on the Gulf, illegal aliens and the switching of Generals what better time to push something like this through? They don’t think we will notice.  I had not planned to blog today, but I was telling Lex about the Kill Switch and she thought you guys should know.

I have a jeweler friend from Corpus Christi who is helping me purchase Lex a nice diamond at wholesale. I pulled his butt out of the fire a few years back, so he owes me on this one. I don’t wear rings. It’s too dangerous in my line of work.  I know some men do wear rings but that’s their choice, not mine.  I once saw a ring cut off a swollen hand. Not a pretty sight.

Ray might get moved out of intensive care in a few days.  We will go to see him tonight and grab a nice meal while we are in town.  The lady deserves a treat for the hard work she has done.  Will


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