It’s a Done Deal

I will admit it was strange waking up with a woman in my bed. I found myself brushing my teeth before breakfast.  I was suddenly afraid my morning breath smelled like a mule. Lex, my new wife,  made breakfast but I made the coffee. Not that I don’t trust her coffee-making, it’s just that I felt so helpless sitting and waiting to be served. She is going grocery shopping while I do this brief blog and get to work. It’s just us two again. The old men and Roy are gone and I don’t expect any help for a couple of months.

We need to get married again. The old codgers that  came over to help did an amazing job. They mowed my yard and cleaned the barns. It looks like they used a gallon of saddle soap on my tack.  My bridles look like new and the scuff marks were polished out of the saddles. They even replaced burned out light bulbs.  I think the final count was sixteen old men running over each other to fix my place up.

It’s great to live in Texas. I have the greatest friends in the world.

Ray may move out of Intensive Care by the end of the week if he continues to get better.  I don’t know how much blogging I’ll get to do in the next couple of weeks. I’ve got to find time to move Lex’s personal things over here and do my taxes. I have fallen way behind on book work.

I love you people. Please don’t lose faith in America. It’s not long until November. (smile)

Some of you are asking photos to be posted. Please allow us a private life. Lex doesn’t think it’s a good idea to splash our faces all over the world. We are not heroes or celebrities. Just hardworking, God-fearing Americans like you who care about what’s happening.  Will <><


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