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The Country Has Big Trouble

July 31, 2010

All of our problems can be solved by voting for the right folks this November.

One of my favorite movies is The Music Man.  The song  ‘You Got Trouble right here in River City’ points out the biggest problem they faced was a pool table. I think it’s safe to say America has more trouble now than we had in the River City days. A friend argued that we are facing the worst times our country’s history.

I asked him, “What about 1776 when we declared Independence from the most powerful military force in the world?  A time when a few winters as many as half of Washington’s army had no shoes. They wrapped their feet with burlap to keep them from freezing. I think it’s safe to say those who defied England faced greater troubles than we do today.  We can vote a lot of our trouble out this November and finish the job in 2012.

Would you say in the War of 1812, when the British burned President Madison’s White House we faced troubling times?

Or in 1865 during the Civil War where 600,000 American boys were killed?  That was certainly troubling times for our country.

In the early 1900s we had to figure out how to assimilate thousands of people who didn’t speak English. Many think this was one of our more troubling times.

World War I was terrible for the country. We had just got the country running smooth, when thousands of our young men were yanked up to fight thousands of miles from home. I’ve heard old timers say those were some of the darkest days for America.

Then the crash and Great Depression of the 1930’s.  I know Mr. Obama tries to say we have trouble. We are a long way from the Great Depression. People were starving to death and unemployment was 25%.  Spend an afternoon in Wal-Mart and you will quickly realize today’s American people are not starving to death.  They are dying from pigging out. What most people fail to remember is the Dust Bowl that destroyed the plains of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and the northern part of Texas.  Old timers say people living in Austin could see the massive dust clouds. On top of the dust they faced grasshoppers by the trillions.  Kansas corn fields were eaten in a day. There was no way to stop the hoards of hungry grasshoppers. It was like the biblical plague.

As Archie Bunker would say, “”The Big One”, when referring to World War II.  This was America’s struggle for survival. Had we lost that War we would be speaking German or Japanese.  America pulled together and we won the war.  Rosie the Riveter went to work keeping our young men in supplies and planes to win the fight.

America was built on trouble. What we are now facing is a pimple on the butt of George Washington.  It’s time we made up our minds we will do all we can in the next 90 days to elect good people.  Our troubles are solved when we put ‘our kind of folks’ in Washington. Few reading this blog are going without food. I’d be willing to bet my boots, my best boots you have a cell phone. During the Great Depression few owned phones. Most of you own cars with air conditioning. During the Great Depression many people didn’t own a car and air conditioning was out of the question.  All of our troubles can be solved by us voting in good, fiscal conservatives.  How simple is that?   Will and Lex    email:


Bush is a Cheapskate

July 30, 2010

The women on the View came to the conclusion George W. Bush was cheap.  He only spent $100,000 on his daughter’s wedding; whereas, Bill and Hillary Clinton are spending between $2 and $10 million on their daughter’s wedding. They are spending almost half of what Jenna Bush’s wedding cost on Clinton’s Port-a-Potties.  I read that the Clinton cake is costing over $10,000.

Bush is being slammed because he was semi reasonable on what he spent.  He and Laura are not mega rich and I’m sure they felt $100,000 was a nice chunk of change.

It’s interesting to note that neither the president, his wife nor Al Gore have been invited to Chelsea’s wedding. One more high level person was not invited, Plugs Biden was passed over.

Rush said Chelsea is about to have a breakdown worrying if her husband will be faithful. Wonder what gave her the idea that husbands stray? It’s being reported Chelsea is worried her father might hit on some of the brides maids.

On an entirely different note, Republican Senators and House Members are concerned that Mr. Obama and the Democrats are going to try to end run congress and make 12 million illegal Mexicans United States Citizens. I’m not sure how it could be done, but it sounds like the president would grant them some kind of giant pardon. Then, with the sweep of his pen make them all citizens. Could it be that the Democrats don’t want to rid our country of illegals?  Perhaps they want all the people they can get here when Mr. Obama does the magic switch and makes them voting Democrats.

Wondering about the future.  What will the Obama’s spend on their daughters’ weddings?  It will be their own money and not ‘we the people’ taxpayers’ dollars.

Will and Lex

Bad Judgment

July 28, 2010

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You can mark a leader by the soundness of his judgment.  No right-minded person can argue that we are not feeling the effects of a horrible recession. I know we are and so does everyone I know. Lex and I would love to buy a new pickup truck, but we don’t dare spend the extra money.  I’d like to think we are using solid judgment by not spending what we can’t spare.

Next week Mrs. Obama is taking their youngest daughter to Spain for a mama and daughter get-a-way.  She has rented 30 hotel rooms in the most expensive hotel in Spain. I realize the first lady needs security so I’ll give her 4 rooms for that. 8 men can share 4 rooms while they keep an eye on her and the child. I’m sure she has a room for her hair dresser, however, I can’t see much change in the way her do was fixed before they got in the White House. There there is the dress coordinator and the appointment lady, someone to baby sit the little girl, even though this is a daughter and mommie thing. Michelle used poor judgment renting 30 rooms in a Spanish hotel…the best the country has to offer.

Mr. Obama’s judgment is even worse. He is skipping the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree to be on the View.  45,000 young Boy Scouts were expecting to hear the president speak to them, but Mr. Thoughtful is doing a woman’s show with hopes of raising his poll numbers. America would have been much more impressed to see him address the future of America, kids who will become our leaders. Face it, the View is not much better than Jerry Springer. Last week Whoopie Goldberg appeared on the show totally stoned. She was higher than Cooter Brown.

The President and his wife making poor choices is not helping our country recover. We have a case of bad judgment in the White House. Here is my take. The president and his wife know they will have only one term to do all they want to do.  They are using perks as fast as they can spend, because in just over two years the free lunch will be over.  What other explanation can there be???

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Poor Mr. Obama

July 26, 2010

He has very little respect for the presidential desk where so many great men have sat. Notice the teleprompter screen on the back of the chair to the left of the desk! You can see the electrical cord running to it.

I read a piece telling how the president feels our pain. He and his wife have been hit hard, like us. They are seeing their kids’ college fund go up and down with the stock market.  Poor guy is worried to death about their future…or so that is what he says.

Let me see if I can describe their pain.  A weekend vacation at Bar Harbor, Maine, then off to Florida for a much-needed rest.  For the president’s birthday his wife is taking the oldest girl to Spain for a week.  Poor pitiful president has to stay here, play golf and shoot some hoops.  Then when Michelle returns from Spain the first family is going to spend ten days at Martha’s Vineyard.  They have rented a house for $50,000 a week.  Their ten day vacation will cost the tax payers $75,000 just for the house.

Perhaps John Kerry, the honest one, will bring his $7 million dollar yacht over and take the first family for a ride.  John has the boat docked in Rhode Island in order to save paying several hundred thousand dollars in Massachusetts taxes.  Don’t you love honest politicians?

When Mr. Obama’s one term is over he will go on a speaking tour earning $20 million a year and will have Bill Ayers write more books for him so he can go on a few book signing tours.  I don’t want to hear the president saying he can feel our pain. He is the cause of your and my pain.

Lex’s mom and dad have put their ranch up for sale.  Even if they would sell to us they are too far away from my place for me to run cattle on their ranch. They have about 1,800 acres of prime property.  The mesquite and cactus have been removed and they have good water wells.  Their place is about 35 miles from mine and with all the thieves operating these days I’d be crazy to think they wouldn’t rob me blind. Maybe if I still had the twins I could have them run that property and Lex and I this one.  In truth we may sell and move to Santa Fe.  She loves Santa Fe and I think I could learn to like it, even if it does snow there.  Will and Lex   email:

Mexico the Land of Horrors

July 25, 2010

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An old Mexican man was making his daily rounds in his rusty, aging pick up truck just bouncing along the back roads north of the big city of Monterrey when a bright object caught his eye.  He stopped to investigate and discovered something more grizzly than his sixty-seven years had ever seen.  The sunlight was reflecting off the lenses of eye-glasses still attached to a severed human head.  Like a lot of Mexican citizens he feared telling the police what he found. He consulted with his twelve-year-old grandson who crawled out of the pick up truck to see what had shaken his grandfather so deeply.  The policeman didn’t seem all too happy when he heard the news, nevertheless he accepted the complaint and promised to check out their story.

Before dark two officers went to the burial site; however, they found several more bodies than the old man had reported. After three days of digging the police uncovered the bodies of 48 men and 3 women, all victims of the drug wars. Unfortunately grave sites like this one are now common in Mexico.

Last week a drug gang confiscated cars, trucks and buses, blocking the entrances to the major streets in an affluent area of Nuevo Laredo. When the smoke cleared 17 people were dead.  With the main street blocked off backup couldn’t get through to help those pinned down by drug gunmen.

I’m backing Bryan Underwood for District 28 US Representative.  Last week a close friend offered to go with Bryan to help him try to reach voters in Laredo. Bryan wouldn’t let my friend go, because he said it was “not safe.” The last time I checked Laredo was still on the American side of the river. Less than 20 years ago we would drive down to Laredo, go over the river and eat at the Cadillac Bar/Cafe.  At the Border check you told the guard, ‘I’m going over to eat supper.”  On the way back you would say, “Been to the Cadillac eating supper.”  Going and coming was simple.  My last trip they had drug dogs smelling my pickup truck and spent an hour trying to find hidden drugs. Evidentially they got a tip that someone in a pickup truck like mine was carrying a load of drugs. I’ve never been back across the border. I value my life. Three weeks ago a gunfight broke out and five school children were killed in the cross fire…this was also in Nuevo Laredo.

Was has not been reported in the news but verified by the local law officials of Laredo is the Zeta have crossed over into Texas and seized two ranches north of the city. The ranch families have escaped and now the Border Patrol is involved in taking back the property.  I understand the government had a lid on this negative news.   Lex’s parents are talking about selling their ranch and moving up around Marble Falls. I asked to buy their place, but her dad told me straight out I’ll not be part of something that could get you kids killed.  Lex and I are also thinking over what we should do.  I’m not armed heavily enough to stop a drug army. It’s clear the government is not going to protect us against armed invaders…look at Arizona. The government closed a section of the state because it was no longer safe to walk in.

Will and Lex     email:

Only 27% of Texans Have a College Degree

July 24, 2010

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Big news out of the east, only 27% of Texans have college degrees.  Since 35% of our population is Mexican and 15% black is it any wonder our graduation rates are so low?  High school drop out rates among Mexican and Black youth are amazingly high. I have a college degree, my wife graduated from an Ivey League school and her parents are college educated.  The twins, who ran my ranch graduated from high school, but I’d put their common sense knowledge high above anyone in the Obama administration.

Among the young Mexican girls it’s a status symbol to have babies before they reach 16.  It’s the IN thing to have a baby by 14, some as young as 12.  How can their babies have a chance at an education? By the time many of these young girls reach college age they already have four or five babies.  I understand this is true in the black communities in the big cities as well.

When I was a kid it was understood my friends and I would go to college and definitely no girl wanted a baby out-of-wedlock. The Mexicans and few blacks I went to high school with dreamed of college; most of them went.  Football was my free pass, but I’d have gone even if I had not excelled in sports.

Lex and I talk about the poor leadership we have in the classrooms these days. My teachers demanded we all get ready for college. Of course Lex’s family was educated and fairly wealthy so of course college was always going to be in her future.  I love talking with her because she is so well read and yet as common as grassburs in Texas.  You would never guess she has a Masters Degree when you see her with a rope in her hand.

It’s like the educated and wealthy Mexicans don’t give a rat’s butt about the poor kids.  I don’t see them encouraging young blacks and Mexicans to get a college education.  In fact, if we could just get some to stay in school through high school it would be a good start. The lure of making easy money in drugs is pulling kids away from the classrooms in droves.  Go ahead East Coast News, make fun of our kids for not graduating. But while you are at it speak out against children having babies in grammar school.                               Will and Lex

My 400 th Post

July 23, 2010

Time does fly when we start blogging. 400 blogs represent a lot of keyboard time.

At times our news reporters do an amazing  job, then for no clear reason they drop the ball.  For instance; the week Pro-Golfer Tiger Woods crashed his Escalade, the press found every woman Tiger had an affair with in the past few years. They got photos and text messages, recorded phone calls and slips of paper with notes scribbled on them. They immediately knew the cause of the family fight and even knew the wedge from his golf bag that his wife used to break out the SUV window.  Not only that, we were treated with a daily report on his sex rehab treatment and the progress on how well he was recovering. We got dates for golf tournaments and his wife’s plans for divorce.  The Tiger watch was full-blown and even the smallest thing was reported.  They told us the sunglasses he wore and the ugly words he said when a shot went wide. The press was amazing at reporting on where Tiger’s family life stood and all the things around him that were taking place.

President Obama has been in office almost two years and was an exposed candidate for two years before he was elected. The same press is covering his story that was on top of Tiger Woods.  I know they have tried, but to this date none of the reporters have been able to locate a childhood friend of Mr. Obama. No neighbors seem to remember him, no kids remember playing with him. Even as dull as I am I don’t think reporters would have any problem finding a lot of neighbors and people who grew up around me. I’m not sure what they would say, but they would remember me.

No smart reporter has been able find any of Mr. Obama’s college papers or grades. Not one of them has discovered how Obama paid for his Harvard education. Reporters can’t figure out what country issued his visa to travel to Pakistan in the 1980s. Did he travel as Barry Soetoro or Barack Obama?  Where are the brilliant reporters on this case?  These same reporters can’t even find Michelle Obama’s Princeton Thesis on Racism.

I know they must be digging, but with all of their great effort they can’t seem to squeeze out any fresh information.  Answer me this, why do the American people still trust these reporters?  This is the mystery of all mysteries.    Will and Lex   email:

I Guess It’s Just a Matter of Time

July 22, 2010

I have been expecting to have my blogs pulled by the King makers on the left. Perhaps they haven’t yet because I abhor violence as a way to solve things. Or perhaps my turn has not yet come.  It’s not that I’m getting sissified, but I do watch my words much closer since I have Lex looking over my shoulder.

We have a thing called the election process where one by one we cast our votes.  Or are elections rigged?   It’s pretty clear that Al Franken was elected because  over 1,100 convicted felons were allowed to vote.   He won by 340 votes.  Is it too late to de-certify him?   I’m not sure, can we declare the race illegal and do it over?  Probably not, but a judge should remove the comedian and have a new election.

I try to never go too far out on a limb, which means immediate revocable blogs.  But how can I sit on my butt and not complain that our president and his family are going on another vacation in a few days. This trip will be to Florida beaches with his wife and kids.   My question, why not Florida first?  Why didn’t the First Family go to Florida last week?  But this shows how dumb I am. Going to Florida to help their tourist economy was too much common sense. Go to Maine and literally shut down the Bar Harbor, blocking access to the beach.  Their visit cost the town millions of dollars and rendered the small airport the same as closed.

Then there is the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan that is laying off firemen, because they need the $850,000 for a water feature. Never mind people’s homes are burning down, they have a water fountain that does tricks.  What has happened to brains in America?

November is not far away, that means you and we need to double our efforts.  Friends have asked Lex and I to go support Bryan Underwood, our candidate we hope can beat Henry Cuellar,  the Representative who voted for Cap and Trade and Obamacare.

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The Left is Going Bonkers

July 21, 2010

It’s stuff like this that has me worried about the November Elections

It’s been hilarious watching the left try to explain why Mr. Obama’s rating have fallen like a rock in a rain storm.  One guy on CNN said it’s because Obama is so smart we common people are unable to appreciate someone with his brilliance.  Another woman on ABC was explaining the Mr. Obama had brilliantly passed the things he supported during his campaign like health care.  She omitted his pledge to work with the Republicans to bring about health care, but instead he wouldn’t even let their leaders see the bill until the Democrats had rammed it through.

I would bet my boots, my best boots Bill Clinton had better grades than Obama in high school and college. Clinton was a Rhodes Scholar. Or as one reporter slipped and said, “Rogue Scholar.”  Perhaps Clinton was both.  I notice Obama has hired most of Clinton’s people to run his administration and he has been going to Bill a lot lately for advice. Obama knows who is smarter and it’s not him.

Maybe the American people don’t like the idea of the president bringing his dog on the family vacation…especially when the dog is flown on a separate jet. That’s correct, the dog didn’t go with the first family to Maine, but was flown in later on a big jet. What the heck, it’s only our money that is being wasted on that dog.

Or maybe it was the garden in the backyard of the White House that has folks upset.  When I raise a garden I have to start with seeds or small plants. My tomatoes were about 3″ high when I purchased them.  Mrs. Obama had mature, full-grown plants stuck in the ground so in a day or so she and the children could go pull up a big carrot or pick some fresh beans. When after three days they were gathering corn for dinner some of us didn’t cotton to that kind of waste. We don’t believe in an instant crop.

Or could it be the American people are tired of being lied to?  Now Mr. Obama and Biden are saying the stimulus was not big enough and it’s the Republicans’ fault for not spending more.  If I were a Republican leader I would wear the badge that I cut back the stimulus bill with pride.  The American people were smart enough to see that sham was not going to work. Now the Obama administration is asking for more money to spend.

Enough is enough. It’s time we elected people who know how to live within a budget and not spend more than we have.

Thanks everyone, Will and Lex <><

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James Knox Polk

July 19, 2010

Queen Nancy Pelosi if she became President of the United States.

In 1844 we elected the eleventh president of the United States, James Knox Polk. He was named after a third uncle on his mother’s side, John Knox the famous Presbyterian preacher.  I mention Polk because he is the only person to serve as Speaker of the House and become president.  Newt could be the second should he win in November 2012.  I write this with trembling hands at the thought of something horrible happening to Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. You do realize if they died in office, Nancy Pelosi would become president?  If you think Obama/Biden are messing things up, just wait and see what Queen Nancy would do.  I read an article in the Christian Science Monitor bragging about what a brilliant lady Nancy is.  I hope the magazine doesn’t have inside information on her becoming our Commander-in-Chief.

This should drive you to your knees in prayer for the safety of Mr. Obama and Mr. Biden. Pray for their safety.  I’m serious about this. Nancy will make them look like Boy Scout leaders.

Polk was an inconsequential president in history, but under his leadership America doubled in land mass.  It was Polk who sent General Taylor and his men to the Rio Grande near present day Brownsville to draw the Mexicans into a war. With the first scrimmage when a few Mexicans came north of the Rio Grande and shot eleven American soldiers, Polk shouted, “This is an act of war.”  You may not realize but Mexico never agreed that the Texas/Mexican border was the Rio Grande River, but they felt it was the Nueces River up by Corpus Christi. The Mexicans who came over felt they were on their native soil.  With the victory over Mexico in 1847 the United States picked up New Mexico, California, Arizona, Utah and part of Colorado.

Then Polk pushed the British to settle the Oregon Territory. The struggle over that area had been going on since 1818 and was at a stand still. Polk let Britain know he went to war with Mexico and was willing to do the same with Britain. They caved and agreed to his terms, giving the United States what is now Washington, Oregon, Idaho and parts of Wyoming and Montana.  Polk got a huge hunk of land by being firm.

Few realize the soft-spoken James Polk almost doubled the size on the United States land mass during his four years in office. Oh, by the way he promised to only serve one term. He kept his word, he went home to Tennessee after his four years were over. Where are the leaders like Polk now? Byrd served 50 years in the Senate and the Obama people are wanting to change the Constitution so he can be president forever.

By the way, unlike his mentor Andrew Jackson, who fought 13 duels, Polk never allowed anyone to provoke him into picking up a dueling pistol. Rare for men those days.  I just thought you could use a history lesson. (smile)

Please send some money to . I had her web address wrong.  Look her up and let’s get rid of Harry Reid.

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