I Lost Roy

I don’t know what to say. Roy seemed fine when I saw him.  I gave him the saddle Ray rode and asked him to give it to his brother’s oldest son. His wife said he told her he was going to Ray’s grave. An elderly couple found him when they took flowers to another grave. He shot himself on Ray’s fresh grave.

I’m too shocked to write much. They were very close, being twins. I guess Roy couldn’t stand losing his brother. I can’t speak for him, I’ve never had a brother, especially a twin. Now we have two hurting families to care for.  I don’ t think Roy’s insurance will pay since he took his own life.

I need to arrange Roy’s funeral. Lex will help. In fact her mom and dad are helping as well.  We’ll bury him Friday beside his brother.

Several of my old rancher friends told me they would take care of things while I deal with helping the two wives and children. It’s good to have neighbors who care.

I’ll miss them more than words can express, but I have a soul mate and she will help me through the grief.

Today I’m glad I’m a Christian.  It would be too hard to lose them without knowing they are going home.

Please no emails. I won’t be on the computer until my heart heals some.  Will and Lex


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