I’m Doing Much Better

This morning Lex and I went to church under the big oak. I felt the presence of God and He spoke to my heart. I have come to understand how selfish I have been over Ray and Roy going home.  I thought they were mine; we would grow old and gray together. The Holy Spirit quickened my heart and let me know they were never mine, but they always belonged to the Father.  He let me borrow them and graced my life by letting me get to know these great men. He had a reason to take them in the prime of their lives.  Today I let them go.

Lex asked about us starting a bible study class one evening each week. I think I have enough chairs to start with and we will add more as the crowd increases.  I’ve wanted to do a bible study here for a long time.  It’s great to be married to someone who loves Jesus Christ as much as I do.

To show you I’m doing better I have an Obama story.  This week Mr. Obama did a fund raiser in Saint Louis for the Democrat Senate candidate. The building held just over 1,000 people. VIP tickets were $299 and the lesser seats $35.  When it became clear less than half of the seats would be filled the promoters cut the tickets down to $175 and $17.  Even with half price seating they still were not able to fill the building. About 800 people showed up.  In contrast, when Sarah spoke in Nashville the auditorium held 6,000 folks. She sold out the building at $500+ a plate.

I love you folks. Thank you for being part of our lives.  Will and Lex


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