Obama’s Down to 40%…Almost

Original Oil Painting by Will Cooper

According to ABC the president is hanging on by his fingernails to keep from hitting 40% approval. One cough and he will fall below that number and will drop even lower. The NAACP is charging that the TEA Party is racist. Do they realize had little weight their vote will have?  About the same amount as me complaining about Government spending.  Anyone with a sound mind knows the TEA Party is a bunch of hard-working Americans who are tired of seeing our country spent into depression.

To show you what kind of people liberals are. I’ve received hate mail about my talking about the loss of two great America men. Mexican men who loved this country as much as any two who have ever walked this great earth. Only a sick liberal could write the things I’ve received lately. Strange none of the liberal-progressives had one word of condolence for my pain. Those folks have no compassion. What they said didn’t hurt, but the fact that we have people in America who think like they do does.

I think I told you my new wife Lex wants me to start painting and listing again on eBay. You can find my work at http://www.ebay.com search Will Cooper.  Will


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