Stages of Grief

This sign is in Austin, Texas the Liberal Capitol of the World.

I have received a lot of mail saying you thought Obama’s numbers on him being a Socialist were much higher. You have to remember a lot of people in America don’t even know what a Socialist is.  We conservatives knew who he was when he was running for the presidency. Most of us were shouting as loud as we could what was coming. We saw where he came from and his voting record in the State and US Senate. Perhaps you don’t remember how many people drank the Kool-Aid during the elections. May I remind you: 52% of the voters. Frankly a lot of people thought he could literally walk on water. They were expecting free cars and housing if he were elected.  We knew he wanted to spread the wealth as he let slip to Joe The Plumber.  In truth folks I’m surprised his numbers are not in the low 40ies of those who see him as a socialist. There are a lot of politically dumb people in America. Just look at the media.

One eBay family member sent me a piece on The Stages of Grief. The five stages to be precise.  Denial: Where my men were involved I was never in denial. I could see them and knew they were gone. Anger: I think the first day with the tractor accident I was angry at myself for not having a roll bar on the old tractor. Then I realized we had used it since I purchased the place and nothing bad had happened. I realized God was ready for him to go home. Bargaining: This never came into play. I think this happens when we are sick, but not about what happens to others. Depression: Man, this one hit me between the eyes. If Lex had not been with me day and night I don’t know what would have happened. I would not have taken my life, but I would have moped around for days. Her strong faith in Christ and my deep belief in a life here after has really helped me get past depression. In the mornings when we saddle up is the hardest. Finally Acceptance: Maybe I’m at that stage too quick, but in my heart I have moved on. I realize I will never replace them as I was never ever able to get another housekeeper like Mandy.

I have a frontier spirit. I know life goes on and it’s up to me to move forward or die in my tracks. I choose to live. I have a lot of work to do between now and November. We all have a lot of work to do between now and November.  Let’s keep working to elect fiscal conservative folks. Will and Lex <><


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