It’s a Miracle

These Obama signs are costing We the People $10,000 each.

Today Lex and I thanked God that we were fortunate enough to be born in America, especially our beloved Texas.  We are a miracle of God. We are happy, we have (had) parents who love God and Country and believe in American exceptionalism. We now have a president who was not raised in America. Even if he spent part of his life in Hawaii that is not America.  Go to Hawaii and see for yourself. It’s like a foreign country. It’s motto is, “Hang Loose.” There is no way he can feel our plight or our deep love for this slice of earth.

We were not taught to “hang loose“, but work.  Work is the foundation of America. If you want something then go earn it, don’t wait for someone to give it to you.

Lately I’ve been reading about some of our early presidents.  Andrew Jackson’s father was killed by a falling log before he was born. The British killed his two brothers and his mother died on a hospital ship caring for the wounded in the war with the Brits. At 13 he learned to make saddles and to read. By 17 he was teaching school and before he was 20 he passed the law exam. He struggled in early life, but found success in the military and at 61 became the 7th president.  He was a man’s man. After the Battle of New Orleans where he had defeated a well-trained and British Army that greatly out numbered him he started back to Nashville.  He found all the horses were dead except the few his officers were riding. He ordered the wagons emptied and his officers to walk with him while the wounded rode the horses home. There is no wonder his men called him “Old Hickory”, because they saw him to be as tough as a hickory stick.

Andrew Jackson fought 13 duels. One opponent’s round ball hit too close to his heart to be removed. He lived with the bullet lodged near his heart.  Jackson’s body was filled with lead from duels and battles, yet he plodded on. His wife died two weeks before he took office. He buried her at his estate “the Hermitage” and took the long journey from Nashville to Washington. Where are the Andrew Jackson’s today?  Where are the men of valor, courage and sacrifice?

We just sent Sharron Angle $100 for her campaign. I suggest you do the same, even more if you can.  Harry Reid has just gone ahead of her in the polls because he is spending a lot of money trashing her. She can beat Reid if we get her some money. .  Let your voice be heard. Put your money where it can save America from the left.

Will and Lex



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