Too Much Information

In the past three years Michelle Obama has told us way too much information about her husband. The days of privacy and respect for the office of the presidency have disappeared.

I’m amused by Michelle saying she is tired of the pampered life and would love to ride the Metro.  What a crock!  She LOVES  jumping into Marine One and flying down to Camp David or off to New York for a date night where they shut down the city so they can have a traffic free trip. Yep, I know she would love to be like us, stuck in traffic for hours.

She said the little girls didn’t like to jump in the bed with their father in the mornings, because he snores and passes gas.  Can you even imagine Mrs. Reagan or Jackie Kennedy saying this to a reporter?  I read where Michelle was complaining that Barry left wet towels on the bathroom floor.  Why wouldn’t he. This is what you are instructed to do in better hotels. This lets the housekeepers know which towels have been used.  He treats the White House like it were a 6 star hotel.  On one woman’s talk show Michelle complained that Barry leaves his socks in the middle of the floor. Why NOT?  He has maids to pick up after him. He is too important to pick up his socks. She also laments that Barry doesn’t lower the seat on the commode after he uses it. And he fails to replace the toilet paper when it runs out, leaving all the girls in the family paperless. I’ve become very aware of these last two since getting married. So far, so good. I don’t want to give Lex the opportunity to complain.

I remember not long after Mandy, my retired housekeeper went to work for me. I left a shirt on the chair.  When I got in from the ranch, Mandy took me into the bedroom and pointed out the shirt. “Mr. Cooper,” she said, “I will not pick up after you. That is not what I’m paid to do.”

I bet Lex is loving having a well-trained husband.  I don’t snore, don’t smoke like the president does and don’t eat foods that cause me to pass gas in the house or in front of a lady.  Our president has no cooth. He uses his children politically, instead of letting them have a life. George and Laura didn’t bring their daughters into the lime light to help George.  Bill and Hillary didn’t bring young Chelsea into politics. We have a coothless man in the White House.  Will and Lex <><   Email:


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