I Guess It’s Just a Matter of Time

I have been expecting to have my blogs pulled by the King makers on the left. Perhaps they haven’t yet because I abhor violence as a way to solve things. Or perhaps my turn has not yet come.  It’s not that I’m getting sissified, but I do watch my words much closer since I have Lex looking over my shoulder.

We have a thing called the election process where one by one we cast our votes.  Or are elections rigged?   It’s pretty clear that Al Franken was elected because  over 1,100 convicted felons were allowed to vote.   He won by 340 votes.  Is it too late to de-certify him?   I’m not sure, can we declare the race illegal and do it over?  Probably not, but a judge should remove the comedian and have a new election.

I try to never go too far out on a limb, which means immediate revocable blogs.  But how can I sit on my butt and not complain that our president and his family are going on another vacation in a few days. This trip will be to Florida beaches with his wife and kids.   My question, why not Florida first?  Why didn’t the First Family go to Florida last week?  But this shows how dumb I am. Going to Florida to help their tourist economy was too much common sense. Go to Maine and literally shut down the Bar Harbor, blocking access to the beach.  Their visit cost the town millions of dollars and rendered the small airport the same as closed.

Then there is the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan that is laying off firemen, because they need the $850,000 for a water feature. Never mind people’s homes are burning down, they have a water fountain that does tricks.  What has happened to brains in America?

November is not far away, that means you and we need to double our efforts.  Friends have asked Lex and I to go support Bryan Underwood, our candidate we hope can beat Henry Cuellar,  the Representative who voted for Cap and Trade and Obamacare.

Will and Lex   email: willcooper@senkarik.com    You can find my work on http://www.eBay.com search Will Cooper


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