Only 27% of Texans Have a College Degree

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Big news out of the east, only 27% of Texans have college degrees.  Since 35% of our population is Mexican and 15% black is it any wonder our graduation rates are so low?  High school drop out rates among Mexican and Black youth are amazingly high. I have a college degree, my wife graduated from an Ivey League school and her parents are college educated.  The twins, who ran my ranch graduated from high school, but I’d put their common sense knowledge high above anyone in the Obama administration.

Among the young Mexican girls it’s a status symbol to have babies before they reach 16.  It’s the IN thing to have a baby by 14, some as young as 12.  How can their babies have a chance at an education? By the time many of these young girls reach college age they already have four or five babies.  I understand this is true in the black communities in the big cities as well.

When I was a kid it was understood my friends and I would go to college and definitely no girl wanted a baby out-of-wedlock. The Mexicans and few blacks I went to high school with dreamed of college; most of them went.  Football was my free pass, but I’d have gone even if I had not excelled in sports.

Lex and I talk about the poor leadership we have in the classrooms these days. My teachers demanded we all get ready for college. Of course Lex’s family was educated and fairly wealthy so of course college was always going to be in her future.  I love talking with her because she is so well read and yet as common as grassburs in Texas.  You would never guess she has a Masters Degree when you see her with a rope in her hand.

It’s like the educated and wealthy Mexicans don’t give a rat’s butt about the poor kids.  I don’t see them encouraging young blacks and Mexicans to get a college education.  In fact, if we could just get some to stay in school through high school it would be a good start. The lure of making easy money in drugs is pulling kids away from the classrooms in droves.  Go ahead East Coast News, make fun of our kids for not graduating. But while you are at it speak out against children having babies in grammar school.                               Will and Lex


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