Poor Mr. Obama

He has very little respect for the presidential desk where so many great men have sat. Notice the teleprompter screen on the back of the chair to the left of the desk! You can see the electrical cord running to it.

I read a piece telling how the president feels our pain. He and his wife have been hit hard, like us. They are seeing their kids’ college fund go up and down with the stock market.  Poor guy is worried to death about their future…or so that is what he says.

Let me see if I can describe their pain.  A weekend vacation at Bar Harbor, Maine, then off to Florida for a much-needed rest.  For the president’s birthday his wife is taking the oldest girl to Spain for a week.  Poor pitiful president has to stay here, play golf and shoot some hoops.  Then when Michelle returns from Spain the first family is going to spend ten days at Martha’s Vineyard.  They have rented a house for $50,000 a week.  Their ten day vacation will cost the tax payers $75,000 just for the house.

Perhaps John Kerry, the honest one, will bring his $7 million dollar yacht over and take the first family for a ride.  John has the boat docked in Rhode Island in order to save paying several hundred thousand dollars in Massachusetts taxes.  Don’t you love honest politicians?

When Mr. Obama’s one term is over he will go on a speaking tour earning $20 million a year and will have Bill Ayers write more books for him so he can go on a few book signing tours.  I don’t want to hear the president saying he can feel our pain. He is the cause of your and my pain.

Lex’s mom and dad have put their ranch up for sale.  Even if they would sell to us they are too far away from my place for me to run cattle on their ranch. They have about 1,800 acres of prime property.  The mesquite and cactus have been removed and they have good water wells.  Their place is about 35 miles from mine and with all the thieves operating these days I’d be crazy to think they wouldn’t rob me blind. Maybe if I still had the twins I could have them run that property and Lex and I this one.  In truth we may sell and move to Santa Fe.  She loves Santa Fe and I think I could learn to like it, even if it does snow there.  Will and Lex   email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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