Bad Judgment

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You can mark a leader by the soundness of his judgment.  No right-minded person can argue that we are not feeling the effects of a horrible recession. I know we are and so does everyone I know. Lex and I would love to buy a new pickup truck, but we don’t dare spend the extra money.  I’d like to think we are using solid judgment by not spending what we can’t spare.

Next week Mrs. Obama is taking their youngest daughter to Spain for a mama and daughter get-a-way.  She has rented 30 hotel rooms in the most expensive hotel in Spain. I realize the first lady needs security so I’ll give her 4 rooms for that. 8 men can share 4 rooms while they keep an eye on her and the child. I’m sure she has a room for her hair dresser, however, I can’t see much change in the way her do was fixed before they got in the White House. There there is the dress coordinator and the appointment lady, someone to baby sit the little girl, even though this is a daughter and mommie thing. Michelle used poor judgment renting 30 rooms in a Spanish hotel…the best the country has to offer.

Mr. Obama’s judgment is even worse. He is skipping the Boy Scouts of America Jamboree to be on the View.  45,000 young Boy Scouts were expecting to hear the president speak to them, but Mr. Thoughtful is doing a woman’s show with hopes of raising his poll numbers. America would have been much more impressed to see him address the future of America, kids who will become our leaders. Face it, the View is not much better than Jerry Springer. Last week Whoopie Goldberg appeared on the show totally stoned. She was higher than Cooter Brown.

The President and his wife making poor choices is not helping our country recover. We have a case of bad judgment in the White House. Here is my take. The president and his wife know they will have only one term to do all they want to do.  They are using perks as fast as they can spend, because in just over two years the free lunch will be over.  What other explanation can there be???

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