Bush is a Cheapskate

The women on the View came to the conclusion George W. Bush was cheap.  He only spent $100,000 on his daughter’s wedding; whereas, Bill and Hillary Clinton are spending between $2 and $10 million on their daughter’s wedding. They are spending almost half of what Jenna Bush’s wedding cost on Clinton’s Port-a-Potties.  I read that the Clinton cake is costing over $10,000.

Bush is being slammed because he was semi reasonable on what he spent.  He and Laura are not mega rich and I’m sure they felt $100,000 was a nice chunk of change.

It’s interesting to note that neither the president, his wife nor Al Gore have been invited to Chelsea’s wedding. One more high level person was not invited, Plugs Biden was passed over.

Rush said Chelsea is about to have a breakdown worrying if her husband will be faithful. Wonder what gave her the idea that husbands stray? It’s being reported Chelsea is worried her father might hit on some of the brides maids.

On an entirely different note, Republican Senators and House Members are concerned that Mr. Obama and the Democrats are going to try to end run congress and make 12 million illegal Mexicans United States Citizens. I’m not sure how it could be done, but it sounds like the president would grant them some kind of giant pardon. Then, with the sweep of his pen make them all citizens. Could it be that the Democrats don’t want to rid our country of illegals?  Perhaps they want all the people they can get here when Mr. Obama does the magic switch and makes them voting Democrats.

Wondering about the future.  What will the Obama’s spend on their daughters’ weddings?  It will be their own money and not ‘we the people’ taxpayers’ dollars.

Will and Lex


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