The Country Has Big Trouble

All of our problems can be solved by voting for the right folks this November.

One of my favorite movies is The Music Man.  The song  ‘You Got Trouble right here in River City’ points out the biggest problem they faced was a pool table. I think it’s safe to say America has more trouble now than we had in the River City days. A friend argued that we are facing the worst times our country’s history.

I asked him, “What about 1776 when we declared Independence from the most powerful military force in the world?  A time when a few winters as many as half of Washington’s army had no shoes. They wrapped their feet with burlap to keep them from freezing. I think it’s safe to say those who defied England faced greater troubles than we do today.  We can vote a lot of our trouble out this November and finish the job in 2012.

Would you say in the War of 1812, when the British burned President Madison’s White House we faced troubling times?

Or in 1865 during the Civil War where 600,000 American boys were killed?  That was certainly troubling times for our country.

In the early 1900s we had to figure out how to assimilate thousands of people who didn’t speak English. Many think this was one of our more troubling times.

World War I was terrible for the country. We had just got the country running smooth, when thousands of our young men were yanked up to fight thousands of miles from home. I’ve heard old timers say those were some of the darkest days for America.

Then the crash and Great Depression of the 1930’s.  I know Mr. Obama tries to say we have trouble. We are a long way from the Great Depression. People were starving to death and unemployment was 25%.  Spend an afternoon in Wal-Mart and you will quickly realize today’s American people are not starving to death.  They are dying from pigging out. What most people fail to remember is the Dust Bowl that destroyed the plains of Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma and the northern part of Texas.  Old timers say people living in Austin could see the massive dust clouds. On top of the dust they faced grasshoppers by the trillions.  Kansas corn fields were eaten in a day. There was no way to stop the hoards of hungry grasshoppers. It was like the biblical plague.

As Archie Bunker would say, “”The Big One”, when referring to World War II.  This was America’s struggle for survival. Had we lost that War we would be speaking German or Japanese.  America pulled together and we won the war.  Rosie the Riveter went to work keeping our young men in supplies and planes to win the fight.

America was built on trouble. What we are now facing is a pimple on the butt of George Washington.  It’s time we made up our minds we will do all we can in the next 90 days to elect good people.  Our troubles are solved when we put ‘our kind of folks’ in Washington. Few reading this blog are going without food. I’d be willing to bet my boots, my best boots you have a cell phone. During the Great Depression few owned phones. Most of you own cars with air conditioning. During the Great Depression many people didn’t own a car and air conditioning was out of the question.  All of our troubles can be solved by us voting in good, fiscal conservatives.  How simple is that?   Will and Lex    email:


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