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Ready to get Angry?

August 30, 2010

The Old General sent me the sign.  I wish I had a bumper sticker of this.

Today the City Comptroller of New York said they are willing to publicly fund the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero. Here is the kicker…it’s tax free money.  If you thought the families of the victims of 9-11 were getting slapped in the face, today New York City threw them to the pavement and started kicking.  City Comptroller John Lui said Friday he is looking into public funding for the Ground Zero Muslim Mosque.  (I added Muslim.)

Make no mistake, this Mosque thing is president Obama’s baby.  He was waiting for the right moment to announce his support for the Muslim Mosque. He waited till he was speaking to a room full of Muslims.  And he wonders why so many people think he is Muslim?  Why 50% of the population say they don’t know what religion he is.  If he had remained silent the Mosque could have been moved to a better location and not been so painful for those who lost people in the Muslim attack on 9-11.  Make no mistake he knew. I suspect he was paying back the millions of Muslims from the east who donated heavily to his campaign.

Also our president has called off the prosecution of Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, the dude responsible for the bombing of the USS Cole. It’s like Mr. Obama doesn’t want to offend the Muslims.  No reason was given.  I guess none is needed if he is protecting a radical Muslim killer.  Folks, enough is enough.  Make sure you remember all of these things when you vote in November 2012.

But this will make you smile.  More people in Louisiana think George Bush did a better job with Hurricane Katrina than Obama did with the oil spill. Looks like Louisiana is missing Bush, I know I am.

Several of my readers are going to attend the Glenn Beck event in Washington DC, tomorrow the 28th.  Wave at me.  I plan to TiVo the event.  God bless you and God Bless Glenn for doing this.  If you get close to Sarah, give her a Texas size hug for me and tell her how proud we are of her.

The dirt from the left is getting ready to start being thrown our way.  The only way they can stop conservatives this November is by using some dirty tricks in the next two months.  Be ready for everything.  Lies and false information by the droves. It’s up to us to stay firm and make sure we get folks to vote for conservatives.  The only way we can be beat is for our folks to stay home.

Some of you have asked when are we leaving.  Lex wants to leave Monday but I’m not sure we can get it together until Tuesday.  I sure wish Ray and Roy were here. It would be a lot easier to leave.  I miss those guys. I think the old guys have things under control.  I should say I HOPE they do.

I love and appreciate all of you.  Will and Lex           Email:


Letter from an 8/28 Attende

August 29, 2010

8-28 Restoring Honor Rally

I have never posted a reader’s letter before, but this one will bring you to your knees.  I am removing names to protect the writer’s identity but this is from a wonderful American and faithful Will reader. Her letter touched Lex and I and we just had to share it with you.


Sun, 29 Aug 2010 18:03:12 -0400 I was never a very religious person until a year ago yesterday when a perfect little girl was born to my daughter who survived stage 2 breast cancer following surgery, chemo, radiation and 5 years of drugs . Her doctors have said she might never be able to have a baby and the baby  is just perfect. But yesterday 500,000+ were touched by God. The weather for the last weekend in August in DC was perfect. The Restoring Honor rally went perfectly. The message came across loud and clear. It was not a political rally, but a rally to honor those who serve our country, those who give back to their country, those whose lives touch each of us every day. No one mentions the Native American man who introduced the event, the rabbi that led us in prayer, the man who could trace his lineage to the Mayflower who also led us in prayer. No one mentions in their postings of the servicemen that Sarah Palin, who was there as a solider’s Mom, introduced us to…Marcus Lutrell, who was the only one in group to survive an attack in Afghanistan. Eddie Wright who lost two hands and part of a leg in Iraq and Tom Kirk who spent time in POW camp in Vietnam. No one has mentioned the awards Glenn gave out to people who follow his faith, hope and charity path. CL Jackson, a black preacher from Texas, who spoke so well of the faith in God, Albert Pujlos, a major league baseball player from Santa Domingo who gives so much of his free time help people with Down’s Syndrome or John Hussman, Jr. who is giving away his entire fortune ( 2 billion+) to help teachers and cancer patients. One of whom came to accept the award for him as he couldn’t come, his granddaughter was getting married that day. The lady who came, a black lady who survived stage 4 breast cancer, was honored to be able to tell her story and the charity of Mr. Hussman. No one talks about the fact that a large portion of the rally was about the Martin Luther King speech on Aug. 28, 1963 in the same spot as the rally. Glenn’s staff produced a beautiful video of his life and times. For the white younger crowd that was there, it was really the first introduction they might have had to Dr. King. No one talks about the fact that Dr. King’s neice spoke of what it meant to her to be able to be there and remember her uncle’s word. No one has mentioned that at the end of the rally, after Glenn had spoken a group of 240 preachers and clergy of all faiths gathered on the steps, pledging to work together to get people more in touch with God. These people might be of different faiths but their message is the same. No one has mentioned the beautiful voice of a black man who sang along with the bagpipes, Amazing Grace. No one has mentioned the reverence of the crowd. These people had stood for hours ( I was there at a little before 7 AM but some had been there all night) and they were so quiet you could hear a pin drop. They listened, they responded to the message. The crowd was young, old, black, white, native American and who knows what else. We introduced ourselves to each other and made friends we will never forget, we held hands, we locked arms and sang and at the end we cried like babies that we were able to be there and experience such an event. No one mentions the fact that not only was it a rally of faith but also of charity. Does anyone know that we gave over 5.5 million dollars, with more coming in, to the Special Operations Warriors foundation. A group that takes care of the 500 families of Special Op soldiers that are killed in action. No, they only speak of Glenn and how he couldn’t be doing this for any other reason than capital gain. I am so proud that I was able to attend this wonderful rally. That I could share the day with 500,000 of my new best friends. That I could feel the hand of God touch each one of us and make us better people. Friday I was a woman going to a rally, today I am a Christian. Please excuse any grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes, etc. It is hard to write with tears in your eyes. Please share this with your friends as I am sure they never heard the whole story.


I know you will love this letter as much as I did.  Will and Lex     Email:

It’s War

August 28, 2010

We do miss “W”

More people are being murdered in Mexico than Iraq and Afghanistan combined.  It’s more than a drug war, it’s a war for the control of Mexico. As you folks know, Philippe Calderon, the current president of Mexico had to stack the polls to win the election. He was running against a guy backed by Hugo Chavez. Those in the know say the other guy won but Calderon stole the election.  Mexico is not sure of the actual number murdered since Calderon came into power. They know it’s at least 28,000.  There are many more missing, but because their bodies have not been found they are not counted among the dead.

I wrote about the 72 murdered people found south of the Texas border on a remote ranch.  This week the cop who was assigned to investigate this crime was found murdered, his body dumped beside the road.  Deeper south of where the mass grave was located there were two car bombs. One car had a Texas license plate.  I don’t know what that means.  Smart people say the killers are sending a message to the United States.  Don’t come down here snooping around or you will get more of the same.

Last night 14 people were murdered in Acapulco. They run up those numbers like they were playing a game. Only on their end it’s for keeps.

I noticed that Mr. Obama is finally sending the National Guard to the Border States.  Texas gets 250 and Arizona 500.  The Guard will have guns, but no power to arrest.  In fact their jobs will put them 200 miles from the border.

Here what I’m saying.  We are going to be forced to actually put our military in Mexico to fight this war.  There is so much corruption the law is on the drug cartel payroll.

I tried last night to get Lex to stay here, but she is so darn hardheaded.  These Texas women have minds of their own.  She will be packing and shoots was well as I. I have asked her to shoot first if she gets caught in a desolate spot and a stack of illegals show up.  I’d rather hire a lawyer than a preacher.

I was reading the Apostle Paul last night.  He faced being stoned to go preach the good news of Jesus Christ.  We can deal with Mexican drug smugglers to show Christ is in our lives and help others.

Will and Lex


Dow Down to 9,980

August 26, 2010

Our fearless leader with a laser focus on jobs for America.

So much for the Summer of Recovery. No matter how hard the liberal press tries to spin we are in recovery, the American people are too involved in what’s happening to fall for the lies.  Look at the facts. Existing home sales are down 27%, the lowest in 15 years.  Sales of new homes are down 12.4%, the lowest it’s ever been since records were being kept.  The jobless rate is close to 10% with the real numbers being close to 17%.  1 in 10 homeowners face foreclosure.

The Democrats are no longer talking about Jobs, about the recovery or what the Stimulus has done for America. Well, no Democrats except Vice President Biden.  How can that man read the Teleprompter that says we are better off now than under President Bush?  I would get choked up on the words, because they are such lies. Biden is saying we need to spend more money. Man, has he had brain damage?

I have not seen it all but what I have seen I know there has never been a time like this in my life time.  We either never got out of the recession or we are going into a second one.  People I talk with are scared. There is so much uncertainty in their lives.  Lex and I would like to get me a new Ford pickup truck, but we are reluctant to spend the money.  I think I told you we sold her Land Rover and got her a new truck.  We wanted a matching pair but it’s just not in the stars.  In fact we are taking my old truck on the mission trip. If it gets shot up or dented that is okay, hers is brand spanking new.  It’s sorta funny, she parks her truck in the garage. There is room for both, but I’m too lazy.

Saw a note tonight that the president is upset. Seems his people called him on his vacation and wanted a conference call on the economy.  His people know America is in trouble even if he doesn’t.  Or he won’t admit it.  Several Washington insiders think Mr.Obama knows this is his only term and he is picking up all the perks he can while he is still in office.  I frankly can’t see how he can win in 2012 unless the Republicans run Dole or McCain again.  The two worst presidential candidates in history.

Still not sure what day we will leave.  We will not have a laptop with us.  Where we are going I don’t think most cell phones even get a signal. Which will probably drive Lex crazy. She talks to her mom almost everyday.

Thanks for the dozens of emails asking me to be safe.  Much Obliged…I will do my darndest to keep from getting rattlesnake bit or shot by an Illegal Alien.   Will and Lex                         Email:

What’s with Mexico?

August 25, 2010

My readers have suggested this might work on the Mexican Border.

Make no mistake, Mexico is our problem. This is because they have made their problems ours. The Mexican criminals have a different mindset than our thugs. On our side murder is the last option and on the Mexican side it’s the first. In fact as initiation new men are asked to kill to show their loyalty.

Not on your local news:  72 dead bodies. both men and women, were discovered by Mexican Marines today on a ranch near the Texas border.  I think it’s out near where we will be working.  58 men and 14 women.  Authorities think they may be from Central America.

Normally churches are left alone in gang wars.  Not so in Mexico, they are making preachers and priests pay a protection fee. One preacher in Jaurez refused and they killed his 24-year-old brother last week.

This week some Mexican thugs came over into San Juan, Texas and kidnapped a 19 year old girl.  They smuggled her back into Mexico and then called her family for a ransom.  They wanted $30,000, but for her family they may as well have asked for $300,000,000,000. The family has no money.   Chances were the same with either amount.  Her family might could have raised $300 from the church, family and friends.  When the thugs discovered they were not going to get any money they dumped her in Mexico. She had hidden her cell phone and after they left began calling. The problem was she didn’t have a clue where she was and the US authorities didn’t dare call Mexico, because they may have ended up speaking with friends of the kidnappers. They would have killed her. She is a lucky girl, some brave American men slipped over and rescued her.

A South Texas doctor was not as lucky a few months ago.  He was kidnapped and held for a half million dollar ransom.  He didn’t have that kind of cash.  Contrary to what people think, most doctors are not rich. When he couldn’t produce the ransom he was murdered. We don’t see this in the local news, because the government doesn’t want us to be afraid.

One of the coolest cafe/bars in Mexico is closing.  It’s located across the river from Del-Rio.  The owner said Americans have stopped coming over.  I used to go because they served the best steaks to be found anywhere.  The owner is a victim of the drug war crimes. He depended on Texans to buy his food. He was too expensive for the locals. Now he is closing at the end of the month.

I’ve never been scared before when we worked cattle so close to Mexico. Frankly on this trip I’m shaking in my boots. I know if the Mexicans come over there will be trouble and there is no way I will let them harm Lex.   I know writing this if I stand up to the drug gangs and we kill a few, it will be us who are in trouble. Yet I can’t turn my back on the elderly couple who are needing and expecting our help.

Good people it’s so bad along the border Sheriff Larry Denver of Cochise County, Arizona has pulled his men away from the hot zone.  The drug gangs have his men out gunned and he can no longer risk their lives.

Mark my word, if we don’t do something soon, we will see a bloody Christmas on our side of the border this year.  If the next person the drug folks kidnap in Texas happens to be rich and they get a half million dollars then all hell is going to break loose. It’s coming and the Obama administration is doing nothing other than suing Arizona. They approved some drones, but since we can’t kill those we see from the drone it’s worthless.  We need boots on the ground…NOW.

Will and Lex     Email:

Muslim Marriage

August 24, 2010

The first Muslim College in America opened today in Berkeley, CA.  The text book will be the Koran (or Quran).

These babies are Muslim Brides in Gaza who are almost seven years old. The International Center for Research estimates that there are as many as  51 Million Muslim child brides in the world.  We don’t know how many are in America.  These wedding photos are of a mass wedding in Gaza where 450 children were married to adult men.  The men were given $500 by Hamas and other gifts were given to the families of the bride babies. Most of these girls are almost 10.  When did almost ten years old become old enough to marry?

You want to know why I’m against the giant Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero.  The leader wants it to be Sharia compliant, which supports children as young as six marrying adult men.  I don’t want child abuse in America begin passed off as a religious act.  This is a sick act. It’s pedophilia which Muhammad practiced. One of his brides, according to his own words, was nine years old.  How do “Modern Muslims” justify their leader marrying a child?

How would our president like his baby daughters getting married to 30 and 40-year-old men?  Yet he is standing with the Muslims who want to build a Sharia compliant Mosque at Ground Zero.

This is coming to America if the Sharia Compliant Muslims take control in America.  Call me old-fashioned and out of touch but I think girls should be treated like children until they are mature.  There can be an argument on what is maturity, but no one can prove these little babies are mature.  They are children who should be playing with toys, not sleeping with grown men.

I’m a little upset today.  As you folks know in many Muslim countries girls are operated on to suppress their ability to enjoy sex.  I understand this is very painful and done in most cases in a backroom by old woman. Death is not uncommon.  This kind of stuff does not belong in America. Call me a bigot, but I want to keep America clean of child abuse.  We have enough without it being sanctioned by the government.

Angry Will and Lex                   Email:

Is California Broke?

August 23, 2010

Cover for Will Cooper’s murder mystery, Love You to Pieces.

I hope you will order your copy at

I don’t know the answer.  I thought California was broke until I read a piece in Drudge this morning.  Seems the state is building a $550 million dollar, state of the art, K-12 school in an area where only 50% of the kids graduate. Last year LA built a $300 million dollar, K-12 school and to their shock the new building didn’t produce smarter kids.

On one hand California can’t pay their teachers and is forcing some to take IOUs. On the other hand they are constructing glitzy edifices in hopes the buildings will educate the kids.  It’s been my experience that coaches and teachers teach. I don’t think raising the University of Texas head football coach, Mac Brown’s salary a couple of million is going to make his players smarter, faster or better. With so many hurting, building big fancy schools and paying coaches like rock stars is not the answer.  The answer is the heart of the teachers.  Those who want to teach have students who are so disruptive no one can learn. Teachers can no longer hug their students and yet that hug may be the only one that kid gets all year.

Last year some real smart people in LA felt they could save money by installing over $100 million worth of solar panels for a local high school.  Some pencil figured that in 30 years the panels would start to pay for themselves. The problem with his theory is after 25 years the panels will need to be replaced.   And people wonder why California is bankrupt.

Don’t forget that Lex and I will be going on our annual church mission in a week or so.  I think we will be back in the west side of the Big Bend area.  I don’t want her to go, because we are so close to the Mexican border, but she insisted.  As Texans well know, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” We will be miles out in the wilderness.  Only ten of us are going this year. We have been told the black bear are in abundance and if we see a mama with cubs, get out of her way.

My good neighbors said they would look after the place while we are gone.  I think those old codgers just want some home cooking.  My new housekeeper will cook for those who help.  I know her fresh peach cobbler is what sold them on helping.

Will and Lex     Email:

Gay Marriage?

August 22, 2010

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I think Gay Marriage is a double oxymoron.  First I don’t hear of many gay (giddy) homosexuals.  I have read that most say they had no choice in being a homosexual and if they had one they would be straight.  If it’s so miserable being homosexual they why is it called being gay?  I have to use a disclaimer in that I’ve never personally known any ‘out of the closet’ homosexuals.  So my judging is from afar.  I know homosexuals mostly by their portrayal in movies and reading. What I’m saying is they could have selected a better name than gay. Less than 100 years ago it was proper to use the word gay for straight people.  People routinely said, “We had a gay time.”

Last night Lex, my new wife, and I went to a friend’s home to watch the Cowboys play San Diego in a preseason game.  The Cowboys stunk up the place the first half.  We could do nothing right, but Lex and I were still having a gay time with friends.  I’m angry the homosexuals have stolen my word so instead of gay I guess I should say we had a swell time. Especially since the Cowboys finally pulled off a win, 16 to 14.

Maybe instead of gay the word miserable would have been a better choice.  Rather than say Barney Frank is gay, we should say Barney Frank is miserable, dejected, sad, unhappy or wretched. He damn sure is not happy. I’ve not seen a more bitter man in congress. There is only one person in Congress more miserable and that is Nancy Pelosi.

I don’t agree with the idea of gay marriage. The definition of the word marriage has been between a man and women for the ages. I’m not a linguist, but no place in history have two men or two women been seen as married.  Marriage is between a man and a woman…end of argument.  I have no problem with homosexuals having a legal union to protect their property, but don’t try to stick gay marriage on what we believe.

We are not going to write letters and we are not going to march against gay marriages.  This blog will probably be the only time I take up space on this issue.  For us it’s a non-issue because there is no such thing as gay marriage. True marriage is from God when he joins man and woman as one.  I suspect I’ll get some hate mail. But it won’t be the first time and I’m confident in saying, it won’t be the last.

Will and Lex           Email:

Am I Getting FAT?

August 21, 2010

Original 20″  x  16″ Oil Portrait painted by Will Cooper…for sale on

One of my faithful, liberal readers asked if marriage had made me fat.  I think under normal conditions I would be a porker by now. However with 103-105 degree weather and thick humidity there is no way we can gain weight. Poor Lex, my mate, was thin as a rail when we married and now she is even thinner.  We both eat like pigs, but putting on a pound ain’t gonna happen any time soon.  Our housekeeper is a marvelous cook if you like country cooking. No fancy dishes, but she loads up the bowls.  She serves us man-sized T-bones and sirloin. Her fried green tomatoes and fried okra melts in your mouth.  Her cornbread is as good as Mandy’s and that is saying a lot. No one makes better fresh peach cobbler or pecan pie.  She also makes a wonderful banana pudding and my favorite coconut pie, served hot.  Lex’s coffee is a tad better than mine, but I’ll not tell her.

The new housekeeper uses all four Texas spices: salt, pepper, ketchup and Tabasco. The gurl can cook.

Working in the pasture and barns is like being in a sauna. Our clothes are wringing wet when we stop for the day.  I’m down to 194.  Haven’t been this thin since college. Friends tease me that Lex is keeping me up at night.  I have to confess, the lady and I are almost too tired to say our prayers at night.  We both put in a full day’s work.  Kicking the sheets is for the younger people.

Also I didn’t feel like eating when I first lost my men.  I still miss them, but Lex has made me eat.  I know they want me to go on living and caring for the ranch.

Thank for asking. It’s nice to see an Obama guy being concerned about a hard-headed, ultra conservative cowboy like me.

At least a dozen people sent me the following information and from what I can find out it’s true. A reporter from Ohio said years earlier he had worked for WOC in Davenport, Iowa. He covered the city council and a lot of political stuff.  One of the guys he covered was Ed Mezvinsky, who was the Congressman from Iowa’s first district.  He ditched his wife for a New York reporter and the Iowa voters kicked him out. Mezvinsky sat on the commission that decided the fate of President Richard Nixon.  Later Mr. Mezvinsky got caught with his hand in the cookie jar and went to jail for several years. He had cheated investors out of more than 10 million dollars.  Here is the hook to the story. His son just married Chelsea Clinton.  As the great, late Paul Harvey would say, “And now you know the rest of the story.”

Skinny Will and Thin Lex


Hard Hats Say, “Hell NO!”

August 20, 2010

New York City Hard Hat with ‘NO MUSLIM MOSQUE at Ground Zero’ Sticker.

There is one thing that the builders of the Obama, Ground Zero Mosque have overlooked.  Who is going to build their 13 story building?  Big buildings need men in Hard Hats to make them go up.  Something Mr. Obama overlooked when he came out strongly saying that the Mosque should be built on what we Americans consider Holy Ground.  We are a funny bunch of people, we Americans.  We honor our dead and for most of us the site of the 9-11 attack is sacred.

I had been planning to write this piece for the past week, but other things kept jumping in the way.  The construction workers in New York City are a breed set apart.  They saw their brothers murdered on 9-11 and would cut their hands off before they would lift a finger to build Obama’s Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero.  If they won’t work then the building won’t get built.

A couple of Hard Hat Guys have started a company printing stickers for hard hats.  The stickers say No/Mosque.  It’s their pledge to not work on the building and if those guys say NO, then nothing will happen.  The owner of the sticker company says he can’t print stickers fast enough.  It’s my understanding several more groups are starting to print hard hat stickers saying NO to working on the Ground Zero Mosque.  The construction workers are a solid block of resistance and with them saying NO, nothing will go up.  It’s not like the Muslims can bus in workers. This is New York City and no work gets done unless it’s Union.

So you can put to rest your concerns about a Muslim Mosque being built at Ground Zero.  It ain’t gonna to happen.

One of my young liberal Obama supporters emailed today to remind me Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church says he and Pastor Joe Hunter of the Northland Church in Orlando have prayed with Mr. Obama.  Then why did Mr. Obama feel the need to hire Dalia Magahed in April 2010 to be his Muslim spiritual advisor and help him write his speeches?  Ms Mogahed is a scarf wearing Islamic ideologue who supports Sharia Law.  She is in the White House. She supports CAIR which is affliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why does our president feel the need to have a radical Ismalic near him, giving him spiritual advice?

I’d like to believe Mr. Obama when he says he is a Christian, but look at his actions.  I’d afraid Mogahed outweighs the two pastors who occasionally prayed with him. She has his ear everyday.

Obama’s new Muslim Spiritual Advisor named Dalia Maghed. She was hired in April 2010.

Will and Lex                   Email: