Time to Pull Out of Afghanistan

Note the truck tag is a Texas license plate. You can tell what this old boy thinks.

This is no longer our kind of war.  The new rules of engagement installed by Mr. Obama makes the war in Afghanistan impossible to  win. We have to warn the enemy if we are planning an attack and serve a  warrant on the bad guys if we plan to arrest them.  What kind of war is this?  Hitler would have beaten us quickly if we were following the rules our soldiers are having to follow in Afghanistan. I can tell you one thing we are doing.  We are getting a lot of brave young men and women killed when there is no reason to do so.  I believe if we are at war then we should do all in our power to win. Our only rules of engagement should be we win, you lose.

I say remove the handcuffs and let our soldiers do what they are trained to do or bring them home. We are not going to win a war under the constraints that Mr. Obama has placed the men.

Changing Generals will not help unless there is  freedom to fight to win.

When I played football we did all in our power to defeat the other team. Okay, I’ll admit I used my fist when several of us were going for a fumble. I was once bitten on the thigh in the same situation.  Each side was doing what we could to win.  In Afghanistan the other side is breaking all rules in order to drive us out and our soldiers are being told to turn a cheek. Political Correctness has hit the battle-field.

I was visiting with a young man who just returned from Afghanistan.  He was a beaten, rejected young man. “Mr. Cooper,” he said, “We are live bait over there.  If we shoot someone we suspect to be carrying a bomb, it means we go to jail.  If we don’t shoot the scumbag then we will be blown into tiny pieces. They no longer fear us. They are biding their time until we pack up and leave. Our president has said we will be pulling out next June, so the bad guys have moved into the hills and will wait ’til we are gone. Frankly sir, I don’t want to go back and be killed by a roadside bomb. But I will because that is my duty.”

That was never the intention of the American military.  We should never be asked to go be killed. The war is winnable, but not the way we are fighting it. I say we win or get out.  Frankly I’m tired of seeing new records set for deaths, when there is no need for so many to die.  Free them to fight or bring them home.  This is the American way.  Will and Lex

Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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