Are You Racist?

Do you like the president better as a white man?  Thought not.  Then you are not a racist.

Several of my readers have sent me the above image which is called a racist test.  We are all told we don’t like Obama because he is black.  Some clever person put Mr. Obama’s image in Adobe Photoshop, turned him into a white guy and then asked the question, “Do you like him better now?”  If we do like him better we are racist. I like him the same as before, which isn’t much.

To be honest I didn’t like Bill Clinton and he was white.  I don’t like John Edwards or John Kerry and they are white.  I like Tony Dungy and he is black. I like Herm Edwards and he is black.  I like Tim Duncan and he is black. I don’t like Al Gore (Sex Crazed Poodle)  and he is sorta white.    Skin color has nothing to do with liking the president. I don’t like his policies.  I don’t like Harry Reid and he is white.

When the left calls us racists it’s hard to deny we are not. It’s like asking a man, “Are you still beating your wife?”   How can he answer that question? The truth is he can’t and we can’t prove we are not racist by saying we are not.

If we vote against any of Mr. Obama’s policies then we are called racists.When we vote his people out of office in November we will be called racists.  It’s better to be called a racist than be called stupid.  Stupid will destroy this great nation.

I don’t want bigger government.  I don’t want higher taxes.  I don’t want government-run health care.  This has NOTHING to do with race. Will and Lex <><



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