Vacation Fit for a Queen

Spanish Hotel where Mrs. Obama has rented 60 rooms.

I counted 16 Secret Service men and woman circling Mrs. Obama and their youngest daughter as they strolled the streets of Spain. 16 were all that were in a close-up camera view.  Today she had the Spanish government block off part of the beach so she and her daughter could go for a swim.  Can you imagine The Queen of England doing such a thing?

She started out with 30 rooms but the crowd doubled so now she needs 60 to house her guests and security.  When she goes shopping an entire area of a city is shut down.

This week Mr. Obama took Marine One, the Presidential helicopter, for a 6 mile trip.  How long does it take to drive six miles? How much did this helicopter trip cost ‘we the people’?

There is no doubt in my mind the Obama’s know they only have two more years to spend and travel on the American people’s dime. And believe me, they are seeing the world in style.

The president loves to say he can feel our pain.  Can he?  Lex and I won’t get to take a big vacation this year. We won’t even go on our honeymoon until I can hire and train good help.  Probably this September some of the men from our church will go help a few ranchers down on their luck.  We do this every year as part of our mission work.  Lex is lobbying to go and a lot of the men are on her side. I offered to let her go cook and almost ended up in a divorce. She wants to go work. She suggested we get a couple of the old men who shoot the bull all day at the Dairy Queen to go with us and cook.  There is a problem…those guys would talk us all to death.

I’ve never seen a president and first lady who are so out of touch with us common folks.  When Michelle gets home the first family is going to spend 10 days on Nantucket.  Most of us couldn’t buy a ticket over to Nantucket.  Staying there would be out of the question. Obama is renting a home for $70,000 not counting security and all the rest of the stuff.

Will and Lex


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