Birth Scam

One of my longtime blog readers sent me this cartoon. The cartoon has nothing to do with the blog, but it’s so good I wanted to share it with you. Sad but true. Her trip is costing taxpayers $75,000 a day.

Last year in Texas we had over 60,000 anchor babies born to illegals. The baby automatically becomes a citizen of the United States of America. Parkland Hospital, where president John Kennedy was taken when he was shot, says they deliver over 11,000 illegal’s babies each year. In fact 74% of the babies they delivered where to mothers who are here illegally.  You and I are paying for these births and care.  None of these mothers have insurance. The little hospitals along the border are so overrun with anchor babies they don’t have room for mothers with insurance.

Look it’s not just the Mexicans and women from South of the Border countries who are here having anchor babies. The Chinese are sending mothers over who are about 7 months with child.  They come over on a tourist visa, have the kid and stay here a month or so.  They pick up the kid’s US Passport and head back home.  The Muslim countries have been working our system for many years. Now we have grown terrorists who were born in America, are citizens and moving back to do us harm.

I don’t like Lindsey Graham, but he is trying to introduce a law that will stop this mess from happening.  He wants to stop the anchor babies scam from taking place.  Several other Republicans are on board.  Texas will vote on it in the state next year.

The 14th amendment was to protect the black slaves, so their children would be citizens.  It was not designed for foreigners to come over, drop a kid and make it an American citizen.

I’d like to see the numbers on how many anchor babies we have born in this country.   With Texas getting 60,000 a year you know the number for the rest of the county makes it close to a million babies born here with their parents not being legal citizens.

I’m in favor of people getting in line and becoming citizens, but I don’t cotton to the idea of a mother paying a coyote to slip her over and a few weeks later she delivers a baby.  Our law makes that child a citizen and moves him/her ahead of the poor guy who has spent five years studying for tests and learning to speak English so he can become a citizen legally.

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