He Is Failing

The New Democrat Colors

According to today’s poll those strongly approving Mr. Obama are down to 24% and those who strongly disapprove are up to 46%.  This gives him a – 22%.  These are his lowest numbers yet.  These numbers are saying Rush Limbaugh’s wish has come true. Rush wished Obama’s program would fail.  Well Rush, you are getting your wish.

Today Mr. Obama took Food Stamp Money and gave it to the Teachers Union. This is proof that the Democrats have no compassion for the poor folks.  I will admit a lot of folks on Food Stamps use them for smokes and booze, even though they are not allowed to buy such things with the government stamps.  A lot of grocery folks will ring up smokes as diapers or something else to make the sale.  I heard one guy say, “It’s none of my business if a person wants to buy beer instead of bread with the stamps.  They belong to him and he can spend them any way he chooses.”

The left is tying to make a big deal out of Bennett winning in Colorado, because Obama backed him.  Today Bennett said he didn’t want Obama to come help for the rest of the election.  He threw the president under the bus.

Obama came to Texas this week and could not find one Democrat to meet with him. The Democrat Governor candidate was within five miles of the president, but couldn’t find time to meet with the leader of the Democrat Nation.  Not even in the low-level races did they want to be seen with him.  Obama is bad news for those running.  Can you imagine the president of the United States not finding any Democrats who want his help? They will take the money he raises, but they don’t want to be seen with him.

How could a star fall so fast?  Two years ago Mr. Obama was being treated like deity, now he is being treated like he has the plague.

Michelle Obama has said she is tired of Mr. and Mrs. Biden disrespecting the First Family.  Rumor is Michelle wants the Bidens out and Hillary in.  Of course this would prevent Hillary from running in 2012.   Where Mr. Obama is in the polls today he cannot win in 2012.  Hillary might help, but not if the Republicans run a strong person.

And the joke of all jokes, Romney has purchased a pick up truck and is driving it around.  I guess he thinks he looks cool. It worked for Brown; however, Brown’s truck had 240,000 miles on it.  It was evident Brown was a truck man. Milt looks like an idiot in a truck.  Milt go back to your Rolls Royce that you grew up in.

Will and Lex     Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com

Rush was right, Obama has failed!


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