It’s All ‘Bout Bush

Sorta Like Obama’s Presidency, doomed from the start.

Saying “It’s Bush’s fault” has stopped working for the Obama Team.  Recent polls show 76% of the people say Obama can no longer blame Bush for the mess things are in.  I remember when Unemployment jumped to 4.8% under George W. Bush, the liberal media had a hissy fit saying this is worst since Hoover and the Great Depression.  It’s getting ready to go to 10% when the Census Workers are all laid off. Yet we don’t hear a word from the liberal media.

I saw on Drudge today that we now have a record number of unemployed teens.  Didn’t the president offer jobs for the kids?  Seems I remember him giving a big speech on how he was going to provide jobs for the youths.

I hope the Obama group keeps blaming Bush, because that is going to cause them to fail miserably this fall.  And for America to succeed we need that liberal bunch voted out of office.

The Dallas Cowboys have a pre-season game with the Raiders tonight.  The starters won’t play much, but it gives us a chance to see how our young kids are doing.   Lex is having a Cowboy party tonight.  Her parents and a few other ranchers are coming over for supper.  This having company is a new thing for me.  When my men came it was like family, but we are having some folks I don’t know all that well.  I sure hope they don’t think something is wrong with me when I begin shouting at the television on a bad call by the zebras.

I suspect the conversation will somehow get into politics before the night is over.  Will and Lex


George and Laura just showed up at Love Field in Dallas to meet the troops coming home from Iraq.


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