Opps, Michelle is Falling

California Budget Cuts

A couple of weeks ago Michelle Obama was going to rescue troubled Democrats.  That was before her lavish trip to Spain. Common folks like all of us got a little out of whack seeing such wasteful spending when the country is hurting so much. This week California is back giving IOUs to pay its bills.  Unemployment is over 14% in Nevada and hanging at 10% for the rest of the country. Yet the First Lady went on a spending binge that far exceeds the spending of all of the other wives of presidents. ALL OTHERS, including Jackie Kennedy, who was mega rich.  Jackie could afford to go and spend but she didn’t.

Today Mrs. Obama has fallen in the polls enough that some Democrats are asking her not to come help. This is a big change from a month ago.  We have Democratic candidates running from Mr. Obama. Some Democratic candidates are running ads slamming the president and Nancy Pelosi.  This is un-heard of.  Mr. Obama came to Texas and not even a guy running for dog catcher would show up on the same platform.  They will take the money he raises but they don’t want to be associated with the Obama/Biden Team.

I hope Hillary does take Joe Biden’s place.  The Clinton/Obama Team will be just as easy to beat.  Give Mr. Obama one more year of governing as he has been and his poll numbers will be in the high 20ies.

Lex’s mom and dad have a tentative buyer for their ranch.  Lex is making arrangements to have the old log cabin moved over here.  A company says they can strap the building together and move it in one piece. I’ve been to some county fairs and a few goat ropings but never in my born days have I seen such a thing.  Guess we will know in a week or so.  It will be worth the price of admission to see that little log house come trucking up the road to our house. (I almost said ‘my’ house)  It’s hard to train an old dog.

Will and Lex    Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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