Obama’s Approves Ground Zero Mosque

The President is once more celebrating Ramadan at the White House (File photo). The last word is Mr. Obama will have this year’s Ramadan Dinner on 9-11.   Ramadan comes in the 9th month.  All he wants to do is unify.

Jimmy Carter is finally secure in his place in history.  He will never again be the worst president in the history of the United States. One of my blog readers notified me Mr. Obama has given his stamp of approval for the massive Mosque to be constructed at Ground Zero. Perhaps some of you liberal Obama sycophants can justify this placement of a major ‘in your face’ Muslim mosque.

Governor David Patterson said he would give the Muslims state-owned property in another area of the city, but the Mosque leaders turned him down.  They want the Mosque to be a reminder to those who lost loved ones on 9-11 that Muslims were victorious. What other reason would they have for that location? They say to unify, but anyone with half a brain knows the Mosque will not bring unity.

Is it any wonder people earning $2,000 and under a month have dropped the president in the polls to less than 50% approval? People earning over $7,500 a month have lowered their approval to under 40%.  The poor have been his bedrock of support and now they are leaving him in droves.  I think for many the Mosque at Ground Zero was the last straw. None of us ever thought we would live to see the day when an American president would so completely turn his back on the will of the people.

Never forget that President Obama said we are not a Christian Nation.  This Mosque thing is just another example of the president backing what he believes.  When we take a moment to think, we saw this coming. I’ll admit I’ve had blinders on not wanting to face the reality of our president betraying us like him pushing for a radical Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero.

If this won’t get you involved in the November elections then you have no soul to save our country.

Will and Lex

Email:   willcooper@senkarik.com


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