Obama’s Growing Gray

Mr. Obama is growing gray very fast.

Richard Gere did the old tap dance routine in the movie Chicago.  How appropriate that was.  Now it’s Mr. Obama doing the Chicago tap dance in walking back from his approval of the Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero. He is running back from what he said, but it’s already out there.  He said what he thought and when the heat began pouring in from the Democrats who want to get elected he backed off.  Like you said Mr. President, “Words matter.”   Your words matter and we who love America will never forget you standing with the Muslims in the Ground Zero Mosque.

I understand that this is the artist rendering of the Mosque at Ground Zero. Note how they mock the Twin Towers.  If this won’t make you angry then you passed the liberal test.  You are beyond hope.  The rest of you remember this image when you go vote this November.

We in Texas can appreciate Hallowed Ground as well, if not better, than most.  We have a small church called the Alamo where 186 were killed by the Mexican General Santa Anna in March, 1816.  We honor another spot of open ground where Santa Anna slaughtered almost 400 men at Goliad.  I would not want a Mosque built at either place.

Harry Reid is running from Obama on the Ground Zero Mosque. It’s too late Harry, Sharron Angle has you in her cross-hairs and will take you down in November. Which reminds me I need to send her some more money.  If you can only spare a dollar, send it.  Enough dollars and we can help her win.  www.sharronangle.com Your money helps.

Will and Lex                 Email: willcooper@senkarik.com


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