Nancy Pelosi Is Clueless

These people are protesting the Muslim Mosque .  Many are holding photos of loved ones lost on 9-11.  These good  folks are those Nancy Pelosi wants investigated as to why they are protesting. She is a sick woman.

Queen Nancy says she  is going to start investigating those who are opposing the Muslim Mosque being constructed at Ground Zero.  She wants to know who is behind this out-pouring of protests.  That’s easy to understand, because the left is so passionless.  Nancy thought the TEA Party was a paid organization.  Why else would so many people show up?   Nancy saw the left try to pay a group to form a Coffee Party to offset the numbers in the TEA Party and all those efforts completely fell within a week or so after they were started.

She is going to have to investigate a lot of people, because 72% of Americans say the Muslim Mosque doesn’t need to be located next to Ground Zero.  I’m ready for her to investigate me.  I’ll be happy to tell her thugs that I think it’s wrong to rub a Muslim Mosque in the faces of those who lost loved ones on 9-11.   If she is stupid enough to think we had to be hired to protest then the woman needs help.  Or as we say down in this neck of the woods, “She is plucked mighty green.”

Why is no one asking where the funds are coming from to build the Mosque?  The latest figure I heard was 100 million dollars.  That’s not chump change. I’m confident Mrs. Pelosi is not asking, because she already knows the money is coming from Muslim countries that are not ‘real’ friendly with America.

New York Governor Patterson offered to meet with the Mosque builders and find them a new location far enough away so as not to be offensive to those who lost people they loved on 9-11.  He was going to donate land to them for their Mosque.  The Mosque’s builders refused to meet with him.  YET, they say the new Mosque is about unity.  Perhaps they should have said unity of the Muslims against those who lost loved ones on 9-11.

It’s been fun seeing the Democrats run from Obama on this.  In a moment of weakness he said how he felt about the Mosque and now it has caused panic among those trying to get re-elected.  I hope your memory is good enough to remember what Mr. Obama said when November election time rolls around.     Will and Lex



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