Hard Hats Say, “Hell NO!”

New York City Hard Hat with ‘NO MUSLIM MOSQUE at Ground Zero’ Sticker.

There is one thing that the builders of the Obama, Ground Zero Mosque have overlooked.  Who is going to build their 13 story building?  Big buildings need men in Hard Hats to make them go up.  Something Mr. Obama overlooked when he came out strongly saying that the Mosque should be built on what we Americans consider Holy Ground.  We are a funny bunch of people, we Americans.  We honor our dead and for most of us the site of the 9-11 attack is sacred.

I had been planning to write this piece for the past week, but other things kept jumping in the way.  The construction workers in New York City are a breed set apart.  They saw their brothers murdered on 9-11 and would cut their hands off before they would lift a finger to build Obama’s Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero.  If they won’t work then the building won’t get built.

A couple of Hard Hat Guys have started a company printing stickers for hard hats.  The stickers say No/Mosque.  It’s their pledge to not work on the building and if those guys say NO, then nothing will happen.  The owner of the sticker company says he can’t print stickers fast enough.  It’s my understanding several more groups are starting to print hard hat stickers saying NO to working on the Ground Zero Mosque.  The construction workers are a solid block of resistance and with them saying NO, nothing will go up.  It’s not like the Muslims can bus in workers. This is New York City and no work gets done unless it’s Union.

So you can put to rest your concerns about a Muslim Mosque being built at Ground Zero.  It ain’t gonna to happen.

One of my young liberal Obama supporters emailed today to remind me Pastor Kirbyjon Caldwell of the Windsor Village United Methodist Church says he and Pastor Joe Hunter of the Northland Church in Orlando have prayed with Mr. Obama.  Then why did Mr. Obama feel the need to hire Dalia Magahed in April 2010 to be his Muslim spiritual advisor and help him write his speeches?  Ms Mogahed is a scarf wearing Islamic ideologue who supports Sharia Law.  She is in the White House. She supports CAIR which is affliated with the Muslim Brotherhood.  Why does our president feel the need to have a radical Ismalic near him, giving him spiritual advice?

I’d like to believe Mr. Obama when he says he is a Christian, but look at his actions.  I’d afraid Mogahed outweighs the two pastors who occasionally prayed with him. She has his ear everyday.

Obama’s new Muslim Spiritual Advisor named Dalia Maghed. She was hired in April 2010.

Will and Lex                   Email:  willcooper@senkarik.com


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