Gay Marriage?

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I think Gay Marriage is a double oxymoron.  First I don’t hear of many gay (giddy) homosexuals.  I have read that most say they had no choice in being a homosexual and if they had one they would be straight.  If it’s so miserable being homosexual they why is it called being gay?  I have to use a disclaimer in that I’ve never personally known any ‘out of the closet’ homosexuals.  So my judging is from afar.  I know homosexuals mostly by their portrayal in movies and reading. What I’m saying is they could have selected a better name than gay. Less than 100 years ago it was proper to use the word gay for straight people.  People routinely said, “We had a gay time.”

Last night Lex, my new wife, and I went to a friend’s home to watch the Cowboys play San Diego in a preseason game.  The Cowboys stunk up the place the first half.  We could do nothing right, but Lex and I were still having a gay time with friends.  I’m angry the homosexuals have stolen my word so instead of gay I guess I should say we had a swell time. Especially since the Cowboys finally pulled off a win, 16 to 14.

Maybe instead of gay the word miserable would have been a better choice.  Rather than say Barney Frank is gay, we should say Barney Frank is miserable, dejected, sad, unhappy or wretched. He damn sure is not happy. I’ve not seen a more bitter man in congress. There is only one person in Congress more miserable and that is Nancy Pelosi.

I don’t agree with the idea of gay marriage. The definition of the word marriage has been between a man and women for the ages. I’m not a linguist, but no place in history have two men or two women been seen as married.  Marriage is between a man and a woman…end of argument.  I have no problem with homosexuals having a legal union to protect their property, but don’t try to stick gay marriage on what we believe.

We are not going to write letters and we are not going to march against gay marriages.  This blog will probably be the only time I take up space on this issue.  For us it’s a non-issue because there is no such thing as gay marriage. True marriage is from God when he joins man and woman as one.  I suspect I’ll get some hate mail. But it won’t be the first time and I’m confident in saying, it won’t be the last.

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