Is California Broke?

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I don’t know the answer.  I thought California was broke until I read a piece in Drudge this morning.  Seems the state is building a $550 million dollar, state of the art, K-12 school in an area where only 50% of the kids graduate. Last year LA built a $300 million dollar, K-12 school and to their shock the new building didn’t produce smarter kids.

On one hand California can’t pay their teachers and is forcing some to take IOUs. On the other hand they are constructing glitzy edifices in hopes the buildings will educate the kids.  It’s been my experience that coaches and teachers teach. I don’t think raising the University of Texas head football coach, Mac Brown’s salary a couple of million is going to make his players smarter, faster or better. With so many hurting, building big fancy schools and paying coaches like rock stars is not the answer.  The answer is the heart of the teachers.  Those who want to teach have students who are so disruptive no one can learn. Teachers can no longer hug their students and yet that hug may be the only one that kid gets all year.

Last year some real smart people in LA felt they could save money by installing over $100 million worth of solar panels for a local high school.  Some pencil figured that in 30 years the panels would start to pay for themselves. The problem with his theory is after 25 years the panels will need to be replaced.   And people wonder why California is bankrupt.

Don’t forget that Lex and I will be going on our annual church mission in a week or so.  I think we will be back in the west side of the Big Bend area.  I don’t want her to go, because we are so close to the Mexican border, but she insisted.  As Texans well know, “If mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy!” We will be miles out in the wilderness.  Only ten of us are going this year. We have been told the black bear are in abundance and if we see a mama with cubs, get out of her way.

My good neighbors said they would look after the place while we are gone.  I think those old codgers just want some home cooking.  My new housekeeper will cook for those who help.  I know her fresh peach cobbler is what sold them on helping.

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