Muslim Marriage

The first Muslim College in America opened today in Berkeley, CA.  The text book will be the Koran (or Quran).

These babies are Muslim Brides in Gaza who are almost seven years old. The International Center for Research estimates that there are as many as  51 Million Muslim child brides in the world.  We don’t know how many are in America.  These wedding photos are of a mass wedding in Gaza where 450 children were married to adult men.  The men were given $500 by Hamas and other gifts were given to the families of the bride babies. Most of these girls are almost 10.  When did almost ten years old become old enough to marry?

You want to know why I’m against the giant Muslim Mosque at Ground Zero.  The leader wants it to be Sharia compliant, which supports children as young as six marrying adult men.  I don’t want child abuse in America begin passed off as a religious act.  This is a sick act. It’s pedophilia which Muhammad practiced. One of his brides, according to his own words, was nine years old.  How do “Modern Muslims” justify their leader marrying a child?

How would our president like his baby daughters getting married to 30 and 40-year-old men?  Yet he is standing with the Muslims who want to build a Sharia compliant Mosque at Ground Zero.

This is coming to America if the Sharia Compliant Muslims take control in America.  Call me old-fashioned and out of touch but I think girls should be treated like children until they are mature.  There can be an argument on what is maturity, but no one can prove these little babies are mature.  They are children who should be playing with toys, not sleeping with grown men.

I’m a little upset today.  As you folks know in many Muslim countries girls are operated on to suppress their ability to enjoy sex.  I understand this is very painful and done in most cases in a backroom by old woman. Death is not uncommon.  This kind of stuff does not belong in America. Call me a bigot, but I want to keep America clean of child abuse.  We have enough without it being sanctioned by the government.

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